Perfectly Light Up Your Outdoor Fire Pit with a San Marcos, CA Outdoor Lighting Design

Perfectly Light Up Your Outdoor Fire Pit with a San Marcos, CA Outdoor Lighting Design

Today, backyards are more important than ever. Research by the International Casual Furnishings Association in 2021 found that almost 80 percent of American homeowners invested in garden, patio, or landscape upgrades over the past year. Over half of those surveyed said they spent their time outdoors simply relaxing.

Ask yourself this, what’s more relaxing than an outdoor fire pit?

Friends and family gathered around on a cool autumn or spring evening; toasting marshmallows for s’mores, or regaling the kids with tall tales and spooky stories.

Your fire pit area needs to be appropriately lit to get the most out of it. You want to see what you’re doing without taking the romance out of the space.

Below, we provide our selection of fire pit lighting ideas anyone can implement into their outdoor lighting design in San Marcos.

Spread Lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting around a fire pit, you don’t need to have a light source right next to the pit. It’s more important to think about how you can create a warm ambiance in your yard.

Do you have trees surrounding your fire pit area? Then why not incorporate spread lighting into your fire pit area design to highlight their beautiful branches.

Spread or spotlighting provides dispersed light that’s less harsh on the eyes, while still allowing you to see what you’re doing. Choose from solar lamps or low-voltage LED spotlights to keep things eco-friendly.

It’s best to use two to three lights at the base of each tree, facing up into the branches at different angles. This creates a play of shadows that looks dramatic on breezy or still days.

Paver Inserts

Did you know you can set outdoor lights into your pathways and patio paving? Paver inserts are very easy to install. Simply drill a hole into the pavement material and tap the light casement into place.

Use them to light the pathway to a fire pit, so people can get there without having to walk across a dark lawn. They sit flush with the top of the pavers or concrete path, ensuring there’s no chance of tripping over one.

Similar to seat wall lights, paver inserts are a simple and subtle way to add visibility and improve safety around what is typically a dark space.

Paver inserts also make for safe at-night swimming if you have an inground pool or spa near your fire pit area. Use waterproof insets to define the pool’s edge as you would a path through your lawn or to your front door.

String Lights

If you’re looking to make your neighbors jealous in San Marcos, this dramatic lighting option is for you. There are few things trendier in outdoor living than string lights, also called bistro lights.

String lights all follow a similar system: a bulb and fixture attached to a length of electrical cable. Where they differ is in the style of the fixture. You have everything from vintage-look Edison bulbs and Chinese lanterns to LED moon-and-star fixtures and glitter-filled bulbs.

Mount string lights around your fire pit on a fence, in nearby trees, along a roofline, or on poles. However, don’t attempt to install them by yourself.

These lights might seem simple to install due to their construction, but working with a professional is essential. Not only is it potentially dangerous to do the installation by yourself, but it might also even be illegal in some areas.

Tiki Torches

For an authentic, summertime-at-the-beach feel, place tiki torches in the garden around your fire pit. Not only will they make things even more atmospheric, fill them with citronella, and they’ll also have the added benefit of keeping the mosquitos away.

You know the saying fight fire with fire, right? Well, these traditional outdoor light fixtures let you do just that.

If you’re not keen on having literal burning poles of fire in your garden, electronic tiki torches are available. Install them as you would pathway lighting, with underground wiring systems, or choose lights powered by mini solar panels. Some torches even mimic the look of a real flame.

Seat Wall Lighting

You probably have permanent seating already installed if have a built-in outdoor patio with a fire pit.

Perhaps it is benches crafted from stone. Maybe you have sturdy wooden patio loungers. You may even use some massive rustic logs as seating.

If you have seats made of stone or tiles, you’re in luck. You can use them to create seat wall lighting, a practical addition to your outdoor landscape lighting design.

A lighting professional in San Marcos will install under-cap lights into the wall of the bench seating. This means they’ll be positioned discreetly behind your legs and point slightly downwards. The light highlights the intricate patterns in the natural stone or tiles and you don’t need to worry about light shining in anyone’s eyes.

Strip Lights

LED strip lighting has been growing in popularity over the past decade due to its wide range of colors, flexibility and easy installation.

You’ve probably seen strip lighting used inside homes before, i.e., lighting up stairways, kitchen cabinets and ceiling features, but did you know you can also use it outside?

If you’re a fan of outdoor stone fire pits, use strip lighting on the surrounding fence line to define the area. Choose smart lights and you can even change the colors with your phone.

Beautiful, Functional Outdoor Fire Pit Lighting in San Marcos

If you have a small fire pit area, you may use just one of these lighting ideas. However, in larger backyards, you have the luxury of combining systems. For example, paver inserts for pathways, under-cap lights in the built-in stone seating around the fire, and string lights overhead for that romantic touch.

Are you still stuck on which lighting is best for your outdoor fire pit area in San Marcos? Get some clarity around the idea. Schedule a free landscape lighting trial with Lighting Distinctions today.

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