Garage Door Lighting


Garage Door Lighting and Driveway Illumination

For those in the San Diego area, Lighting Distinctions provides the fixtures and design expertise to transform your driveway and garage door lighting into the perfect visual introduction for your home after dark. The exterior of your garage, an up-front element of your home, can be attractively lit with LED fixtures such as wall lamps, overhead lamps that light the entrance, and spotlights. These fixtures can be complemented with driveway lighting that is custom selected to enhance the overall ambiance of your landscape and home.

Your garage can be beautified with LED fixtures recessed over the doors, or with carriage lamps on the walls. The driveway can be highlighted with post lamps or circle-cored LED paver lamps, among numerous other options. With driveway and garage lighting from Lighting Distinctions you will enjoy idling up the driveway at night – and you will be delighted by the reactions of visitors. Contact us and make your lighting dream become a reality!

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