Foyer Lighting

the first impression for you home

Foyer Lighting Provides a Warm Welcome

Living in the greater San Diego area already gives off a great impression, but you want to make sure your home matches the allure of your surroundings. One way to achieve this is with a beautiful foyer. The foyer provides visitors their first impression of your home interior. This area typically has few, if any, windows and elegant foyer lighting is important at all hours. You want your guests to be impressed, not just by the light but also by the light fixtures.

The key to proper lighting in the foyer is understanding the sequence. Begin with entryway lighting that provides its own warm welcome. Inside the foyer make your statement with pendant lights, or a chandelier that stands out because it feels such a natural part of the decor.

Lighting Distinctions considers all the elements of this area when working with you to design perfect lighting: architectural elements, ceiling height, overall size, art, and doorway style. When foyer lighting is done right, your guests will want to see more from the moment you open the door. Call today and let your foyer meet its true potential!

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