Shelf Lighting

adds a creative element

Shelf Lighting Fixtures and Solutions

Shelf lighting makes publications in your home library easy to find, but also adds a creative element to the architecture in every room with shelves. It ensures that art pieces, from sculptures to China plates, receive the attention they deserve.

Shelf lighting is most effective when it is layered. Spotlights recessed into the ceiling highlight not just the books, but also the architecture of the surrounding woodwork. Spotlights also provide ample illumination for perusing small print, be it in a classic text or on the label of a fine wine. Downward-pointing lamps built into the shelves ensure visibility of contents, while upward-pointing lamps provide ideal light for art pieces, such as blown glass bowls and vases.

Lighting Distinctions offers a full range of spotlights and small lamp fixtures that are ideal for placement in shelves. If you live in San Diego or surrounding areas, you will want to meet with one of our designers to explore new ideas for illuminating the contents of your shelves.

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