Outdoor Art Lighting

Great art deserves great lighting.

Outdoor and Landscape Art Lighting

Great art deserves great lighting. For those in the greater San Diego area, Lighting Distinctions provides the design and installation expertise and utilizes high-quality, low-key fixtures to create distinctive art lighting displays for each piece of art.

Display lighting should dovetail with art, be it a portrait, finely crafted cornice, sculpted evergreen, fountain, or waterfall. Art decorative lighting differs from modernist lighting. For example, your fountain needs lighting that enhances its design as well as the rhythm of water. While your waterfall requires its own display, a distinctive piece of art needs spot and directional lighting that will bring out the best of its features.

Lighting Distinctions understands how art can transform your house into a magnificent looking residence while it makes you feel at home, every time you enter the door. As in any gallery, proper art lighting makes the difference. We provide a wide range of wall lights, picture lights, and art fixtures to showcase all your fine art, maximizing the beauty on display. The right lighting also brings to life outdoor art at night and with the distinctive colored bulbs, these art pieces can take on new fantasies all together. The right indoor lighting will emphasize indoor art features, day and night. Contact us for a home consultation today, or get in touch with us on social media, and see what we do for our customers in San Diego and the surrounding area.

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