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    Cardiff By the Sea Residential Outdoor Lighting Specialists

    If you are lucky enough to live in the beautiful state of California, especially somewhere as beautiful as Cardiff by the Sea, then you probably are choosing to spend a lot of time outdoors. And why wouldn’t you? The weather is beautiful, and the scenery is gorgeous. Having your property and all that it encompasses well-lit is a smart choice, and simple outdoor landscape lighting can give you more usable space than before. Just think, outdoor BBQs, weddings by the shore, and late nights with friends. This is all enhanced by the illumination that we offer here at Lighting Distinctions.

    Many people in the area have an outdoor pool, or hot tub area. When you have a heated pool, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy it well into the evening hours, as long as you still have the ability to see. We offer a full line of exterior low voltage LED lighting for Cardiff, CA homes. These can be used to enhance not only your pool area, but also any outdoor water features. A pond, fountain, or stream looks simply beautiful in the night sky when accentuated with outdoor landscape lighting. Garden walls can be lit as well. Imaging highlighting a garden wall where there are plants growing up the side or where a hanging herb garden has been created.

    This includes all of your landscaped beds as well. Just as a spectacular piece of art looks all the more brilliant when a light is shone upon it, so too does a beautiful plant. In Cardiff, our LED landscape lighting can be installed to shine on one gorgeous flower or tree or installed throughout your landscaped beds, so the entire yard is lit up and you can enjoy your outdoor views in the night air. For homes in Cardiff, landscape lights added underneath palm or other large trees can give properties a resort-like feeling, and who doesn’t want to live in paradise all year long? With our exterior landscape lighting designs, you can relax and enjoy your backyard even more than before.

    Bring your Backyard to Life with Cardiff  Exterior Landscape Lighting

    You can also add functionality to your outdoor living spaces for your house in Cardiff with outdoor landscape lighting. Do you have an outdoor bar? Lights under the bar look great and add a fun and festive feel to parties. A pergola looks nice when lit from above to illuminate the dining set or other furniture that you have underneath. Do you have an open-air patio? Recessed lighting is a nice touch on the patio, both to light a path for your family and also to showcase that portion of your house. It also creates an amazing outdoor dining area for those nights you choose to eat al fresco.

    We can do pretty much any residential exterior lighting for our Cardiff customers. This includes exterior house lights around the frame of your home or at all of your doors. Lighting up your garage door area for late-night dog walks or when it is time to take out the trash can keep you from an unexpected fall. Sidewalks and driveways will benefit from our landscape lighting designs. This is especially helpful if you have a long or windy driveway where lights along the way make the jaunt easier to navigate. Plus, a well-lit yard is generally a yard that a would-be thief is sure to skip over. One of the best things you can do to protect your family and your home is to install exterior lighting around your home.

    It is a great idea to install outdoor LED lighting on any home that has hills, fences, staircases, or drop-offs. This way you are secure in knowing that all pathways are clearly marked when people are outside at night. This can also help to light up a beautiful feature such as a cliff overlooking the water or highlight a stone staircase that you have leading up to your front door. On that same note, if you have any fountains, sculptures, or topiaries in your yard, just like with a piece of art or a beautiful flower, landscape lighting is an easy way to show them off any time, day or night.

    One of the most spectacular things that we do involving exterior lighting for Cardiff residents is to install moon lighting. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. These lamps and fixtures are formulated to mimic a beautiful moonlit night. This is especially amazing over water. Even something as simple as a small koi pond or a fountain on your back deck will come alive as the moonlight washes over. Even if the sky is full of clouds, in your yard there is always a full moon. It is definitely one of those special touches that helps your property to stand out from others in the neighborhood.

    Other Landscape Lighting Services we Offer in Cardiff

    Make sure to remember any other structures on your property such as a pool house, guest house, or tree house. These buildings need the right outdoor illumination too for safety reasons, aesthetics, and to compliment the look of the main house. We are experts in our fields and the addition of outdoor landscape lighting to your Cardiff property can only enhance its beauty.

    We are very careful to integrate the proper landscape lighting to your home because we understand that you want to keep the same style. We will match fixtures to the exteriors of your home and make sure everything flows beautifully with our exterior LED lights. Plus, we know how to lay out a lighting pattern. We will make sure that the outside is lit up evenly and does not contain any too-dark or too-bright areas.

    What are you waiting for? Call us today at (760) 635-3341 or click here for a Free Consultation to find out how exterior landscape lighting for your Cardiff home can turn your yard into a visual masterpiece. We look forward to speaking with you.

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