Path and Walkway Lighting


Path and Walkway Lighting Solutions

For both beauty and safety, path and walkway lighting is a key component of outdoor home lighting in San Diego and the surrounding area. Lighting Distinctions provides a spectrum of landscape-lighting options for achieving the perfect blend of beauty and walkway safety. Choices for fixtures range from simple solar path lights to post lights and small, focused spotlights. Stairs can be attractively illuminated with small LED fixtures tucked beneath the outer edge of the tread. Or, along the bottom edge of railings.

All landscape lighting – but especially path and walkway lighting – is important for personal safety. A well-lighted home turns the tables on criminals. As they look at your illuminated property, they feel threatened.

Lighting distinctions will show you how you can incorporate security lighting into an attractive design that will encourage your family and visitors to linger outside at all hours. Turn your imagination loose, and watch your walkways come to life when the sun sets! Contact one of our experts today!

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