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If you live in San Diego and the surrounding area and want to find a way to turn your living room into the ultimate relaxation space, you should seriously consider a home theater. This need not be a mini movie theater dedicated to showing films. Your personal theater can also be a family room, living room, or rec room with a wide-screen TV. The key to this transformation is dedicated home theater lighting.

Add sconces or ledges for cove lighting to the tops of walls; run light strips along the base of the walls, and hidden spotlights aimed at the screen. Include dimmer switches with the controls. And, of course, a properly lit popcorn machine near the entrance. Watch the effect when you turn off the regular room lights and bring up the theater lights.

Lighting Distinctions provides the fixtures and the controls you will want. We also provide creative expertise for using lights and dedicated controls to transform your current space into the ultimate home theater. Once the vision is on paper, our skilled installers are prepared to bring your vision to life. What are you waiting for, give us a call today! 

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