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    Residential Landscape Lighting in Santaluz CA

    If you live in the area of Santaluz, CA and are looking to add residential outdoor lighting, Lighting Distinctions has exactly what you are looking for. We are a full-service outdoor landscape lighting company offering beautiful exterior LED lighting options for you to enjoy year-round. You work hard all year, and you are proud of your home, it is your oasis. Our team of talented professionals can work with you to create a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind design with LED landscape lighting.

    There are several different ways that you can add exterior lighting to your home. You can add landscape lights under trees to light them all the way up their trucks. You can add exterior house lights to create a safer environment for your loved ones. In fact, you can even add low voltage LED landscape lighting to your Santaluz, CA home pretty much anywhere on your property.

    When you are adding lights to your landscaped beds, there are many different ways that you can arrange these lights so that they are visually stunning at night but are not cluttered or unsightly during the daytime hours. Believe it or not, some plants only bloom at night. A spotlight on them helps to create an art gallery below the nighttime sky.

    You can light up a courtyard in the front or back of your home that will not only add beauty but help to make your home recognizable to visitors traveling to see you after dark. If you have grapevines at your home, landscape lights look great underneath them. If you own a vineyard or just a small plot of grapes, adding the lighting underneath can make your vines a focal point.

    Have you ever noticed that when you visit a hotel on the beach that they light up their big palm trees? You too can do this with any of the trees on your property to create a vacation-like feel right outside your door. If you have an amazing sculpture or topiary on your property, you can illuminate it beautifully and enjoy during the evening hours. Do you like to walk your grounds at night? Having landscaped beds and trees lit intermittently on your path is a good choice for safety and it looks great. In fact, you can light any pathways, sidewalks, and driveway to make sure getting from the house to the car and around the yard is never an issue once the sun is down.

    Safety for your Family with Exterior Landscape Lighting

    Safety is one key factor when choosing to accent your Santaluz, CA home with outdoor LED lighting. Lights can be a huge help when you have guests over after hours, or your teenager left their homework in the car parked out front. Landscape security lights are also a smart deterrent against theft and they go a long way towards dissuading a would-be burglar from coming into your home. You can light up all of your sidewalks, porches, the garage, and the perimeter of your property for safety.

    If you have a pool at your home in Santaluz, outdoor landscape lighting is a must. Not only do lights look simply stunning reflected on the surface of the water, but the lights will also help to mark where the pool is and prevent anyone from falling in. Our lighting experts can also light up hills and stairways. We position lights to go up or out, for example if you have a courtyard that is surrounded by a landscaped bed. We place the lights in the landscaped bed, so they are unobtrusive, and then angle them as such that they illuminate the courtyard. We always work with our homeowners to ensure that the light ends up where you want it, and we will seamlessly integrate the landscape lighting into your existing lighting to make sure none of the aesthetics are ever lost. We can also install lighting on a wall that surrounds your property, or your property that is up against a road. This way, your yard is clearly marked and well-lit.

    Another type of lighting we offer is what we call moon lighting. This is installing lights with a certain type of light bulb that gives you the look of a moonlit night even when the sky is full of clouds. This type of light looks particularly wonderful next to tall trees and water.

    LED Lighting for Santaluz CA Homes

    We install low voltage LED lighting for Santaluz homes. LED lighting is extremely cost-effective, and the cost of lamps has continued to drop. They will work more efficiently and longer than traditional bulbs, which means not only is your electrical bill going to be less, but you will need to replace the bulbs less often. All of our lighting fixtures are weatherproof. This means that, come rain or shine, or heaven-forbid snow, sleet, or hail, our fixtures will hold up for you and continue to look great.

    What are you waiting for? We are ready to help light up your yard. You can see what others in your area have said about our exterior landscape lighting by visiting our testimonials page.

    We offer a free in-home estimation for homes in Santaluz, CA for exterior house lights. We will sit down and review with you your lighting ideas, with our cost-effective lighting solutions in mind, and create an estimate specifically tailored to your home. In fact, we can even set it up so that your lights can be controlled by a remote or your phone. It does not get much easier than that.

    Call us today at (760) 635-3341. We look forward to bringing fantastic exterior lighting to your Santaluz home.

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