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    Rancho Santa Fe Outdoor Lighting Design

    When you live in a beautiful area, such as Rancho Santa Fe, or the beautiful Rancho Santa Fe Farms area, you should take pride in the looks of your home, both inside and out. While you might already have an idea of what you want to do with interior decorating, do not forget that the exterior of your house is just as important, as it is what the most people are going to see. If you want to set yourself apart from other people in your neighborhood, contact Lighting Distinctions today.

    What we specialize in is making the outside of your house reflect the aesthetic standards that you hold dear in combination with adding security for your family and friends. By adding residential lighting to your Rancho Santa Fe or Rancho Santa Fe Farms house, you are highlighting the features of your exterior that you want people to see. Whether it is a gazebo, porch, artwork, pool, or garden, we can make sure that they are looking their best after the sun goes down.

    Rancho Santa Fe Exterior Lighting

    One feature of a house that most people love to have is a nice gazebo in the backyard where you, your family, and friends can all relax and enjoy each other’s company. By adding outdoor landscape lighting to your Rancho Santa Fe or Rancho Santa Fe Farms home, you can make sure that you are enjoying this space at all times of the day. You do not want to limit yourself to daylight hours when it comes to appreciating what your home has to offer.

    However, you might be picturing a bright light that will distract you when you are just trying to relax, and who wants that? This is where our design team comes in. We can illuminate your walkway with soft, low-wattage lights, provide you with moonlighting that will make you feel like you are sitting under the stars during a full moon, even when it is cloudy, or put standard lighting on the interior of your gazebo to make it seem like its own room, just outside.

    Show Off Your Garden or Artwork

    Another benefit to living in beautiful Rancho Santa Fe or Rancho Santa Fe Farms area is the ability to have a variety of plants and vegetables that you can grow in your garden. However, at night you are susceptible to animals damaging your hard work, or maybe you just would like to be able to see it whenever you want. Lighting Distinctions has an outdoor lighting plan that can accommodate your needs. We know how to show off your hard work, without damaging any plants.

    On the other hand, a growing trend around the country is adorning your lawn with artwork. Statues are a great way to show your artistic side but can only be seen during the day. By installing moonlighting, or even some simple security lights, you will be highlighting these works of art, rather than hiding them. No to mention that you will be protecting yourself from bumping into them when you decide to go on a nighttime stroll through the yard.

    Come To Us For Your Rancho Santa Fe Landscape Lighting Design

    We have been serving Rancho Santa Fe and the Rancho Santa Fe Farms area for over 25 years, and during that time we have helped our clients bring their lighting ideas to life. You can come to us and get inspiration for what you might want to do, or maybe get a little help with how to take your plans to the next level. Either way, Lighting Distinctions can be your company of choice for all of your exterior landscape lighting needs. We cannot wait to hear how we can transform the exterior of your home.

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