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Lighting Distinctions designers are familiar with interior specifications. We not only have comprehensive knowledge of all the elements, but we also have years of experience in implementing interior lighting systems for people in the San Marcos area. Our expert designers are here to assist with the perfect illumination for every aspect of your home.

Few things can change the atmosphere of a room so dramatically and cost-effectively as lighting. Quality interior lighting can help you achieve your goals when it comes to the look of your home or workspace.

We recommend LED lamps for interior lighting. LED lighting provides the perfect color and intensity and saves energy and cost over time. In addition, we can also install simple controls that will provide you with precise adjustments.

If you are in San Marcos or the surrounding area, contact one of our interior lighting specialists at Lighting Distinctions. We are LED lighting experts and we will show you how to transform your living area using the power of interior lighting, which you can use to enhance everything from stairways to home theaters.

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    Why Use Interior Led Lighting In San Marcos?

    Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, LED lighting offers you the exact color and intensity of your choice. At the same time, LED lights lower your energy costs. This makes them both good for your pocket and for the environment.

    You can adjust LED lamps easily with controls that we install. We are expert interior lighting designers in San Marcos and have the knowledge to install LED lights seamlessly, and in an aesthetically pleasing way, to provide perfect illumination anywhere on your home.

    Highlight Important Areas In Your San Marcos Home

    Sometimes upon entering a room it can appear to be too busy. If people do not know where to look when they enter your space, or don’t immediately understand the function of the room, consider interior lighting to pinpoint specific areas and create focal points. These focal points are not only for the eye, but also for practical purposes, so that you can get more out of your existing living spaces through better organization. There is no need for partitions. You can create soft divisions with the creative use of lighting.

    Mood Alteration  Kitchen too harsh? Living room not dynamic enough? Rather than embarking on an expensive and time-consuming paint job or buying expensive furnishings to bring life to a room, you can use lighting to create a great effect. It is an excellent and affordable way to create atmosphere.

    Personal Style  Interior lighting is flexible, with many types of fixtures. There are multiple ways of using interior lights to create these varied effects. You should think of them as an artist’s tool for expressing your style.

    Decoration  Lights are often thought of as just functional. Of course, lights help us see what we are doing and where we are going, but this is not their only purpose. Lighting can be decorative and artistic. You can use interior lighting not only to illuminate areas, but to create focal or talking points. We provide beautiful fixtures for all styles to please you and your guests.

    Highlight Artwork  Placing artwork in your home is far from the end of the story. It should be displayed in the perfect location to do it justice. Positioned correctly, the artwork will have great visibility and complement the rest of your home. One way to do this is to highlight it with art lighting, which is adjustable to show off the artwork in the way you prefer and give it the appearance it deserves.

    What Areas Of My San Marcos Home Can Lighting Distinctions Improve With Interior Lighting?

    If you have not experimented much with lighting in the past, you will love what we can do for you. You will be amazed by what interior lighting does to enhance a space and those who share it with you.

    Here are some of the areas we can transform with our high-quality interior lighting around your San Marcos home, which will suit all tastes.

    Kitchen Lighting– Quality lighting in the kitchen will help those who cook do their best work. The kitchen is typically the heart of any home. We can take care of adding interior lighting to create the desired mood for warm conversation. Your kitchen lighting fixtures can be dramatic, subtle, hidden (such as recessed light fixtures), or decorative. Whatever tone you would like to achieve, we can achieve it.

    The types of lights you can use in your kitchen include cabinet lights, sconces and recessed lights, which are subtle and work well with most types of decoration. If you have a very modern kitchen, we can provide LED lighting fixtures that compliment your style.

    Bathroom Lighting – Lighting will enhance what you experience from your bathroom, whether that is a feeling of cleanliness, comfort and warmth. With the proper interior bathroom lighting you can have it all at once. We offer vanity lights, sconces, bath bars, fixtures, strip lights, tub lighting and much more. You can create your ideal bathroom space with the help of our quality interior lighting.

    Living Room Lighting – This is a multi-function room, and can be a challenge when it comes to lighting. At Lighting Distinctions we tend to see this room as a great opportunity. We can help you express your unique style to create the living room you have always wanted by using a combination of lighting types, such as floor lamps, ceiling lighting, reading lamps, track lighting  and ceiling fans.  

     Express yourself with lights in cabinets and shelf units, art lights, and floor lighting. Our ability to install dimmable wall and ceiling lights will also aid the atmosphere and flexibility of your space.

    Dining Room Lighting – You do not need to rearrange your entire room each time you switch between formal and informal occasions. With the proper interior dining room lighting, you can highlight different elements and create the effect of your dreams in moments. Traditional fixtures or elaborate chandeliers are no problem for us. By installing dimmers you will be able to add a new level of flexibility to your dining area.

    Bedroom Lighting – It is not very often that a bedroom is limited to only a place to sleep. A bedroom can be a place for meditation, rest, peace, reading, and intimacy. Ceiling lights are frequently used in bedrooms, and our team of interior lighting designers can provide many variations that will allow you to create your aesthetic. Combine ceiling lights with quality reading lamps, headboard lamps, bedside fixtures and wall lights. We can help you create a bedroom space that is usable and enjoyable in many ways, at any time of day or night.

    Home Office Lighting – The correct office interior lighting will help you make your workspace more comfortable and more productive. We can provide desk lamps, ceiling lights, cove lights, bookshelf lights, and more. If you receive visitors to your home office, art lighting and bookshelf lights can add to the charm.

    Browse our interior lighting pages and see what we can do for you. You will find the list of various rooms within the house in the sub-menu below Interior Lighting.

    Transform Your San Marcos Homes’s Interior Today

    Our experts can handle any of your interior lighting needs throughout your home. Get in touch with Lighting Distinctions today and see why we are so highly rated. We are looking forward to transforming your San Marcos home according to your needs and desires. We cannot wait to have a friendly chat about your vision and how we can make it a reality. If you live in San Marcos please contact us by completing our Contact Form or connecting with us via our Facebook  page. Share with us what you like in terms of interior lighting.

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