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Over 25 Years Experience

In two decades of professional lighting-design experience, we have implemented lighting systems for thousands of customers in San Diego and the surrounding areas. We approach every customer as an individual and pay attention to his and her specific needs and requirements. As a result, Lighting Distinctions customizes our designs and implementations according to our customers liking.

Lighting Distinctions has been based in the same location for more than 20 years. We use only top-of-the line products, guarantee our services and we fix flaws at no charge. Hence, we will be here to serve your future requirements with the best customer-service. Combined with the professionalism of our installers, we ensure that you will have a lighting system that meets your needs for years to come.

Pool Lighting Design

Style, Durability, and Functionality


Lighting Distinctions has a single standard for every business and residential customer in the greater San Diego region.

Coming to us for indoor and outdoor lighting systems, you get a personalized service and we provide: style, durability, and functionality.

Personalized Approach

Lighting Style

Our core tenet involves a truly personalized approach for every client. Lighting style is what you see. Style creates the atmosphere that you desire to achieve – both indoors and outdoors. We ensure that the style of our fixtures, and the illumination it projects, will complement your housing architecture, interior design, and landscaping.

We take time to make sure the chosen style leaves you feeling content, whether the lights are on or off.

Lighting Style
Landscape Lighting Durability
reliable service


Durability is critical, given that many lighting fixtures are placed in challenging environments. Our lighting systems are durable for years and years. Expect reliable service from spotlights in any location. For example:

  • high on trees
  • underwater lamps
  • fibre-optic lights in pools and under waterfalls
  • sconces or sill lights high up walls
  • beneath the outer edge of stairway treads, and / or
  • inside shelves of books and artwork
color and brilliance you desire

Lighting Functionality

Functionality tests whether fixtures and design are best suited to achieve the look you want, fit your budget and is simple to use. Decorative outdoor lights adjust easily and as needed. Our modern interior lighting systems provide the warmth and color you want. All our systems are economic. We recommend LEDs, which also provides the color and brilliance you desire.

Lighting Functionality


You will love Lighting Distinctions’ personalized service that delivers on style, durability, and functionality. Launched in 1992, our locally owned family business has designed and installed thousands of systems over 25 years in San Diego and the surrounding area.

We are experts with regards to fixtures and lighting designs for all interior spaces – the kitchen, dining room, bath, bedrooms, and home theater.  Our designers have years of experience in illuminating the outdoors – pathways, shrubs, sculptures, pools, waterfalls, fountains – in a unique and beautiful way.

We pride ourselves on the ability to work closely and comfortably with our clients. Our passion for perfection ensures that our solutions match your needs. We also focus on keeping projects within budgets. You will find us fair and honest in our dealings.

Call us today for your free home consultation and demo, and if you have used our services before leave us a comment on our facebook page.

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