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    Light Up Your Del Mar Home with Exterior Landscape Lighting

    No matter the season or the weather, a well-planned outdoor lighting scheme is something to consider in Del Mar, CA. Not only do outdoor lights look great, but they also improve your property in many ways.

    Here are some of the best ways that Lighting Distinctions can bring the beauty of outdoor lighting to your home.

    Make a Grand Entrance

    Residential exterior lighting looks its best when seen all around your front entrance. Here, you have many options for framing your front door in its best light. This is the place you will want to take advantage of a well-lit entryway.

    You may wish to position one or two wall sconces on either side of your front door. By using this type of exterior lighting, you will be assuring the safety of family members and guests, while at the same time creating a warm and appealing atmosphere. Keep in mind that when choosing lights for your front entrance, each light should measure no more than one-fourth the height of the door.

    Outdoor light fixtures can also involve overhead lighting. You may like a soft ambient light that spreads plenty of light around.

    LED exterior light fixtures should always complement one another, especially when choosing wall or pendant lighting. Whether you use sconces or a pendant light for this front entryway space, always assure that it is brightly lit to give your entrance its best look and feel. When it comes to your entryway, do not use fixtures that emit poor lighting.

    Learn How Low – Voltage Can Perk Up Your Landscaping

    At Lighting Distinctions, our main specialty is residential lighting, especially residential outdoor lighting. We want to remind you that another factor to consider when choosing LED exterior light fixtures is safety. We understand that having a home that feels safe and secure is paramount to our customers. A well-lit yard can prevent incidents such as break-ins and car thefts. One of the best things that you should consider is LED outdoor flood lights. These exterior LED flood lights will encompass your yard with light, helping both security concerns and aesthetic decisions.

    Security lights are a smart choice. LED security lighting can illuminate your front door and garage door for when you arrive home from work after dark. Outdoor security lighting can keep would-be criminals from stepping foot on your property. LED security flood lights can even come in handy whenever your daughters are coming home from a date. Let them know you are watching!

    Whether you have a large acreage site or a small backyard, outdoor landscape lighting can transform any outdoor space. Low-voltage LED landscape lighting placed in just the right spots can have a big impact on the unique landscape design of your Del Mar home. Accent lights are both easy to install and are most cost-effective.

    As you look around your outdoor spaces, you will come up with new and innovative ideas to change the look and feel of your yard. Starting small is okay because residential lighting can be upgraded as you go. You can start with a few outdoor patio lights, for example, then purchase a transformer that can take care of more wattage than you plan to use right now. As you add to or redesign your landscape, you can bring in additional lighting, such as LED patio lights or walkway lights, that can be plugged into your transformer.

    Have strategically placed fruit trees interspersed throughout your foliage? You can choose a moon lighting fixture, something that is placed high up in your trees that give off a dappled effect allowing the light to shine naturally through branches and leaves. Along walkways and driveways, moon lighting is one of the most sought-after exterior lighting looks. Low-voltage outdoor garden lights can shine up onto a tree, giving it a soft evening glow.

    Del Mar Outdoor Landscape Lighting

    For outdoor spaces such as patios, gazebos, pergolas, and covered porches, there is nothing that compliments summer nights better than illuminating your outdoor spaces with some gazebo lights. Treating these areas to walkway lights or outdoor LED gazebo lighting will make this space a fun place to relax by yourself, or with friends and family. Patio lighting can change the look of any covered space you have in your backyard. It is easy to install and will keep your energy costs down.

    All gazeboes can benefit from LED garden lights. A covered porch area looks nice with any LED outdoor lighting fixture as well as outdoor porch lights. If you like to keep your lighting ideas on the down-low, there are numerous ways to illuminate your walking pathways and sidewalks with the use of outdoor walkway lights and other outdoor light fixtures.

    Not Much Landscaping? No Problem

    Some homes do not have the benefits of plants, trees, or foliage, but there is no reason you cannot use residential exterior lighting. You can always use spotlights or an LED outdoor flood light to accentuate the corners of your Del Mar home or to call attention to other outbuildings or driveways. Every house can serve as a landscape for outdoor lighting.

    Choose outdoor wall lights that rely on silhouetted or indirect light for the best effect. These types of residential lighting fixtures will light walls on your home much like a wall sconce or floodlight will do. The best part about these outdoor lighting fixtures is that they can add interesting design elements to your home. This is your moment to highlight architectural details of your beautiful house, by using exterior house lights to their fullest effect. You may even surprise yourself.

    Make Your Pool Safe, Secure, and Beautiful

    If you are not using pool lights to illuminate both your pool, and the area around it, you are putting yourself at risk. Placing just one LED pool light to light up the area will greatly diminish the chances of an accident occurring at night. It is also a great way to liven up a backyard party. You can add above ground pool lights to enjoy those warm summer nights or install LED underwater pool lights to create a level of ambiance that you would not believe.

    Whether you are concerned for the safety of your family, especially if you have younger children, or if you just want to make the most of your backyard party, installing swimming pool LED lights is a great way to keep the fun going throughout the night.

    Make The Most of Security Lighting in Del Mar

    LED security lighting is not just about having bright lights. By having uniformity in your outdoor illumination and reducing the number of dark areas in your yard and beyond, your outdoor security lighting will go a long way to keeping you safe.

    Ways to do this include:

    • Keeping your landscape lights on for the entire night from dusk to dawn, including garage door lights.
    • Installing dual exterior LED floodlights with motion sensors on all sides of your home. These automatically light up when there is any type of movement.
    • Use outdoor garden lights with motion detectors. You can place these strategically around your home where you know an intruder may enter.
    • If there are dark corners or places where someone may hide, light it up! You can install a battery LED security flood light for places like these and they can dissuade opportunists and seasoned burglars alike.
    • Do not forget timers. These can be synced to your smartphones through apps and can turn on and off as you like.

    Lighting Distinctions has outdoor lighting ideas perfect for everyone’s Del Mar CA home. Outdoor lighting can highlight special areas as well as provide safety and security for all who walk there. Long after the sun goes down, you can transform your outdoor living spaces into comfy and classy places to relax or entertain.

    Get in touch with Lighting Distinctions for inspiration, or to help transform your spaces with outside lighting. Our expert team is looking forward to learning more about your needs.

    Del Mar Country Club Landscape Lighting

    It does not matter if you are looking to add some light to your walkways, driveway, or entryway, or want to put a spotlight on your gazebo, pool, back deck, or garden, there is no question that exterior lighting will enhance any area that they are shining on. We can use low-voltage LED lighting options that are cost-effective, long-lasting, and will make any exterior area pop.

    Maybe you are the king of the barbecue, or maybe you want to host a giant pool party. You no longer have to make sure that the party will end at dusk when you have a plan for outdoor landscape lighting. Furthermore, you can add a whole new level of security to your house by leaving no areas in the shadows where potential hazards and criminals can lurk.

    Lighting Distinctions has been among the top in the lighting industry in Southern California for decades. If you are trying to add some security, highlight a feature, or just be able to see into the yard of your Del Mar Country Club home at night, we can give you a variety of options to choose from that can perfectly suit your needs.

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