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Your San Diego home has a surprising number of outdoor-living environments, each of which calls for a particular type of lighting. Garden lights accent trees, shrubs, flowers, and lawns. Deck and patio lighting is key to after-dark entertaining. Porch lights provide an attractive introduction to your home’s entrance, as well as security. Outdoor living lighting is the term for the fixtures, design, and installation that takes all these elements and brings them together as a pleasing whole.

Lighting Distinctions is intimately familiar with all these outside environments. We help you find the perfect LED light fixtures and assist in providing the ideal design for your property: the proper placement of fixtures. Some fixtures are works of art in themselves. Others are tucked under counters, or set into ledges, or behind rocks or trees, so all you see is the light illuminating architecture, walking areas, plants, and aquatic elements.

The modern outdoor lighting we provide will serve all your needs. Our designs will amaze you and your guests in San Diego and the surrounding area. Contact one of our experts today.

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