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The bedroom is more than a place to sleep. With aesthetic bedroom lighting it can become a living room for relaxation. With the right lighting the bedroom becomes a sanctuary, a place to escape the world outside. Perfect lighting comes from a bedside fixture or headboard lamp that allows for a relaxing read after a long day. Hidden lamps or wall lights reflect off an elegant ceiling and the brightness can be adjusted up or down, depending on your mood and the time of day.

Closets often are an afterthought when planning for lighting. Ceiling lights are a given, but well-designed ceiling lights will help you see and sort navy blues from blacks. Wall lights placed just a few feet up from the floor will help you select shoes for the perfect match.

Well positioned, quality bedroom lighting will change the way you see your bedroom. If you are in San Diego or in the surrounding area, contact Lighting Distinctions. We will assist you with planning and provide a perfect installation.

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