LED Lighting


LED lighting is the new green. How we light up our homes has a significant influence on how we feel and ultimately how we enjoy our living space. But also, how we light up has a huge and direct impact on our environment and budget, especially in San Diego and the surrounding area.

LED stands for light emitting diodes and is a technology that allows for high energy efficiency, environmentally safer lighting and extremely long-life lighting. LED lighting is no longer just a buzzword or something adopted by a handful of environmentally concerned organisations. Today, LED is the wisest and most beneficial residential lighting choice for a number of reasons.

Save energy

LED lighting uses up to 80% less energy and lives on average 25% longer than conventional lighting which makes it the biggest energy saver where it comes to interior- and exterior lighting.

Save the environment

LED lights are not only energy efficient, they also contain no mercury or any other toxic materials that are harmful to the environment.

Save costs

On average lighting accounts for approximately 14% of residential electricity usage in the United States. Household electricity consumption in California averages 573 KWh per month. Looking at the percentage of electricity usage over one year, a Californian residence consumes about 963 KWh at a cost of just below $150 to keep the lights on. (Ref: 1. World Economic Forum 2015; 2. http://www.electricitylocal.com/states/california/)

With Lighting Distinctions’ LED lighting, you have the opportunity to decrease your household energy consumption by more than 750 KWh, saving approximately $115 every year.

Being extremely long-lasting, LED lighting reduces material and labor costs by not having to replace frequent burnt out bulbs.

The transformer cost for LED lights is cheaper than that for conventional and halogen lights.

Create your desired lighting effect

Advanced LED technology offers the most effective and attractive lighting with the widest choice in colors and tones. It provides better illumination and the ability to control light and light direction.

With Lighting Distinctions’ LED fixtures you are able to create light with warm and soft tones, comparable to light produced by halogen lamps, and ensure that you obtain the right amount of light and effect in any given area, just when you need it.


LED lighting is resilient and demonstrates excellent reliability in most weather conditions. It has the ability to operate in extreme heat and cold.