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Lighting Distinctions has been providing San Diego landscape lighting service for over 25 years! In fact, we have experience lighting backyards, pools, water fountains, gazebos, landscapes, interior homes and more. Please visit our testimonials and/or landscape lighting project portfolio page, to see why Lighting Distinctions is San Diego’s preferred landscape lighting company.

Our local, San Diego lighting-design professionals have the experience and expertise to transform your home and landscape into a beautiful work of art. LED Landscape lighting, swimming pool lighting, path security lighting and other incredible lighting projects can be seen on our Landscape Lighting portfolio page.

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    Brighten up Your San Diego Home Landscape

    A beautifully landscaped yard complete with low voltage outdoor LED landscape lighting can transform your yard from a plot of land, into a gorgeous outdoor oasis. The warm weather in San Diego allows you to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor setting all year long.

    When you install residential exterior lighting, you are adding value to your home, but most importantly, when you use outdoor landscape lighting, you will be adding warmth and beauty to your home as well.

    Outdoor landscape lights can be used to illuminate your yard for safety or to personalize your front porch and your back deck. Bring light to your garden at night and enjoy moonlight fixtures for late night strolls through the backyard. You can light up a patio for warm summer nights infused with family, friends, and a bottle of great wine. Keep the exterior of your home safe by having lights across your property. We can even light your pool and gazebo with low voltage LED landscape lighting, to keep the get-togethers going all night long.

    One of the factors to consider when personalizing the exterior of your home is which outdoor light fixtures do you choose? These fixtures come with an array of style and design options from vintage to modern, classic to contemporary, all perfect for any LED outdoor lighting concerns. The little details can really turn a house into a home, and that includes your exterior house lights.

    Exterior Residential Lighting for Those in San Diego

    At Lighting Distinctions, our main specialty is residential lighting, especially residential outdoor lighting. We want to remind you that another factor to consider when choosing LED exterior light fixtures is safety. We understand that having a home that feels safe and secure is paramount to our customers. A well-lit yard can prevent incidents such as break-ins and car thefts. One of the best things that you should consider is LED outdoor flood lights. These exterior LED flood lights will encompass your yard with light, helping both security concerns and aesthetic decisions.

    Security lights are a smart choice. LED security lighting can illuminate your front door and garage door for when you arrive home from work after dark. Outdoor security lighting can keep would-be criminals from stepping foot on your property. LED security flood lights can even come in handy whenever your daughters are coming home from a date. Let them know you are watching!

    One of the greatest perks of living in San Diego and its surrounding areas is the weather. There is no doubt about it. Those who live in Southern California have something that many people in other areas of the country will never see: warmer weather year-round. Patio lighting is a smart choice if you plan to entertain after the sun has gone down. Outdoor patio lights can add style to your backyard. Proper patio lighting can illuminate your backyard perfectly, so you can still see your guests but won’t feel as if you are mingling in front of a bright spotlight. LED patio lights, like all LED lights, are cost-effective, cutting down your electricity bill by up to 90%. They last longer, and they shine brighter.

    San Diego Outdoor Landscape Lighting

    Have you ever enjoyed a beautiful night under a clear, moon lit sky? It is magical. Now you can enjoy that feeling each and every night. Our moon light fixtures are weatherproof and sturdy. We will install the lights where they are not too noticeable, and they will recreate moon light into the evening. We are experts in the moon lighting field, so you know that your property is in safe hands with us.

    Do you have a sprawling yard that could benefit from outdoor garden lights, outdoor walkway lights, and gazebo lights? Our outdoor LED garden lights will not only showcase your most beautiful flowers, trees, and plants but will also allow the garden to be viewed in the late evening hours as well.

    If you have a gazebo, it can be the perfect place to sit with your loved one, holding hands and talking about the future. Outdoor LED gazebo lighting will perfectly illuminate the one you love as you enjoy a stolen moment in the garden gazebo.

    If you live in San Diego, there is a good chance you have a swimming pool. There is something special about swimming after dark. Yet, no one wants to swim in the dark of night. That is where our swimming pool LED lights can be a perfect choice. You can place LED pool lights around the pool as well to clearly outline the border when entertaining or taking the dog out at night. Not only do we offer above ground pool lights, but we can install LED underwater pool lights as well in your pool or hot tub. These lights will be reflected in the water and turn your pool area into a magical oasis. Swimming pool LED lights come in a variety of colors and styles and we will work with you to find the perfect ones.

    For all of your outdoor LED illumination needs, Lighting Distinctions is your premier lighting destination. Visit our Testimonials page where you can read reviews and watch testimonial videos from past clients and learn about the different services that we offer. You can even request a free online consultation.

    Allow us to light up your world with exterior house lights like you have never seen. Call us directly at 760-635-3341 or fill out our Contact Form to receive a call from one of our knowledgeable and helpful representatives. We look forward to working with you on all your outdoor landscape lighting needs.

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