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    Exterior Landscape Lighting in Solana Beach

    Using residential exterior lighting is one of the best ways to make your home stand out from the crowd and create the atmosphere you desire. Regardless of the size of your property, you can use outdoor lighting fixtures to liven up your home, or just settle for the standard exterior porch lights.

    Lighting Distinctions is happy to help you discover ways to use all manner of LED exterior light fixtures to light garden paths, emphasize architectural details, install effective security lights, light up your pool or gazebo, and show you how to use outdoor patio lights in ways you have never thought of before.

    Here are just some of the ways to make residential exterior lighting work for your home in Solana Beach, CA.

    Uplighting your Landscaping

    For highlighting trees, or other unique areas in your yard, try uplighting. This is where you use exterior LED flood lights that light up a tree or other object from the ground up. By placing a few lighting fixtures at the base of the tree and pointing them upwards, you can vary where the focus of the light will be.

    You can highlight the tree trunk or use the light to add a soft glow to the lower leaves and branches. For those objects in your yard which stand alone, using uplighting is a sure way to make them stand out nicely. A LED outdoor flood light can turn your yard from ordinary to extraordinary.


    Using Moon Lighting for the Exterior of your Solana Beach Home

    This is pretty much the reverse of uplighting, as you are looking to create interesting patterns around your lawn or patio. LED exterior light fixtures are placed high in a tree and aimed downward. By lighting this way, the leaves and branches of trees cast interesting shadows and often mimic the light of a full moon.

    With exterior moon light fixtures, you can place them in trees, and cross light downwards onto walkways or grass. The results are stunning. You will be amazed at what you can do with low voltage LED lighting placed strategically.

    What is the Grazing Effect?

    If you have interesting stonework along the walls of your house, you can highlight this by using a lighting technique called grazing. This is where outdoor garden lights are placed next to walls and directed upwards. Grazing casts shadows that delicately capture the texture of the walls throughout your Solana Beach property.

    When you have exquisite stonework on walls or other areas of your home, this is a terrific way to showcase the natural stone look. To make grazing look even more intriguing, let us show you how using the silhouetting technique along with it can transform your property.

    Creating the Silhouetting Effect

    LED garden lights are often used to create a silhouetting feature in your yard. Exterior house lights are placed between plant material, flower beds, and one or more adjacent structures, such as a fountain. The object you are highlighting is silhouetted in black against a soft white background.

    Outdoor landscape lighting can do so many things in your yard. By silhouetting an area or an object, you will be creating effects throughout that are truly original. Residential lighting used for silhouetting is perfect for backlighting your house or a wall, as these types of lights create wide bands; perfect for the effect you are looking for.

    Pool and Gazebo Lighting for your Solana Beach Home

    Using swimming pool LED lights is not only important for safety, but for aesthetics, too. Your pool area is one area of your yard that you want to make as inviting to your guests as you can. You can use fixtures which are mounted on stonework around your pool, and LED underwater pool lights are also very popular. Above ground pool lights are also a fixture you can use, but it is the underwater lights which will create the most pleasing effects.

    Moving water creates its own fascinating glints and ripples. By lighting the water from underneath, you will be adding depth to an otherwise flat surface. A color-changing LED pool light can turn your pool into one of your most popular spots.

    Also, do not forget about the benefits of outdoor LED gazebo lighting. A gazebo is a wonderful place for a family and friends to gather and enjoy the night together. With efficient gazebo lights you will not have to worry about safety and security for you and your loved ones.

    Path Lighting Around your Home

    If you have pathways and steps on your Solana Beach property, you will want to light these up, if for no other reason than for safety. Taking walkway lights a bit further, you want to ensure that any obstacles or turns in paths and steps are well-lit. You can direct walkers with outdoor walkway lights to “way find” as you lead them along the guided, lit paths. Exterior lighting can also be used on walls that are adjacent to steps where you can place bright lights that help people get up or down safely.

    Carefully lit paths can also give your yard an added sense of romance or adventure. Give people a reason to walk down that path.

    Downlighting from Structures

    Outdoor light fixtures are placed in different areas, patio covers, under the eaves of the house, on garden walls, or placed in trees to shine down on pathways and patios. You can adjust these LED patio lights to the height you are looking for to highlight a certain area or spread a circle of light to emphasize an object. Patio lighting can also draw attention to entryways and illuminate doorways. Garage door lights are very effective in this respect as well.

    Using LED outdoor lighting fixtures is also a great way to make your outdoor security lighting better. One of the best ways to thwart potential criminals is through security lights that are strategically placed throughout your property. LED security flood lights take away the one thing that a thief needs more than anything, the cover of darkness. Make sure to protect your home, and all of your valuables by installing LED security lighting that will stop the bad guys right in their tracks.

    For stairways and steps, don’t just place lights at the tops or bottoms of the steps, this creates too much of a shadow in-between. Place soft lighting at each step and use LED garden lights for lighting pathways, as well as flower and shrub beds. Wherever you live in Solana Beach, CA, there are ways to create a landscaping jewel out of your outdoor spaces.

    With Lighting Distinctions, you can light up a patio, garden area, or pool to extend your living space from inside to outdoors. Lighting systems for all around your home can transform even the dullest areas into impressive, lighted, atmospheric spaces. Contact us for more information.

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