Interior Lighting Fixtures

The visual music for your home

Interior Lighting Fixtures

If your home’s architecture was a symphony, one of the most memorable aspects would be your indoor lighting fixtures. A well planned interior lighting design that uses carefully selected fixtures will complement architectural elements and artwork. In addition, many of the fixtures themselves will be works of art that will further add value to your house.

Well designed indoor lighting is sometimes invisible. Wall lights that extend along the upper side of high ledges, up light beautiful colored paint. While rows of lights placed on the underside of staircase treads are also functional, these lights could just add more light or highlight architectural elements. Sconces brighten the ceiling while providing a soft, even light across the space.

You want fixtures that convey your sense of style. The classic indoor lighting fixture is the chandelier and is the choice of many. Ornate, elaborate, impressive, and also brilliant, the chandelier provides unrivaled beauty to spaces such as the foyer, living and dining rooms, and even the master bath.

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Lighting Distinctions offers a full range of indoor lighting fixtures; many of them are unique creations by well-known artists.

  • Pendant Lighting
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Shelf Lighting
  • Cove Lighting

The quality of all our fixtures is superb. Schedule a session with one of our expert designers in San Diego and the surrounding area, to view the opportunities for adding visual music to your home.

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