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create your own unique signature

Highlight Your Home With Exterior Lighting

Your home is an extension of yourself. With outside lighting you can create your own unique signature. Create the look and atmosphere that you like, and one that tells the people in the greater San Diego area exactly who you are.

With Lighting Distinctions’ quality design and installation expertise, you can be sure that your exterior lighting requirements will be taken care of. We will help you to take your outside lighting beyond simple illumination for functionality and safety.

We recommend the use of modern outside LED home lighting that highlights exterior architectural elements and surrounding landscape. In addition, LED lights can be chosen in different colors to create the desired atmosphere and ambiance.

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Outdoor Lighting Options

Enhance the story of your home

When you live in and around San Diego, the landscaping in your yard can be just as beautiful as your home itself. There are a myriad of outside lighting and exterior lighting options. Consider wrapping string lights around trees, not just for the winter holidays but for special occasions to enjoy special lighting the whole year round.

We use spotlighting to emphasize specific elements. Quality spot lights are durable and with long-lasting LED bulbs chosen in the colors of your liking, you can showcase plants and decorative elements in a beautiful way. Your shrubs, trees, sculptures and even walls with art can come to life in an instant. We play with lighting and shadows to create just the right balance.

We light aquatic elements such as fountains, waterfalls and pools, lighting makes the difference in a garden at night. Furthermore, we use underwater lighting to project stunning and variable displays of color while we create the illusion of movement.

Your home’s outside lighting tells a story about you. Use exterior lighting to enhance the story of your home. At the same time, you increase your home’s value, something that is very important in San Diego and the surrounding area. Contact us today for your free home consultation, and connect with us on social media via Facebook.

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