Recessed Lighting


Recessed Lighting Design

For people in the greater San Diego area, recessed lighting provides an attractive option for evenly illuminating spaces. When spaced evenly and focused properly, recessed lights provide a warm, natural glow on the target area, i.e., the floor, dining table, desk or artwork placed on pedestals and walls.

A single recessed fixture can put light onto a target such as art or bathroom sink, while leaving the rest of the space dimly lit. This effect provides a stunning contrast between light and dark.

Recessed lighting is particularly effective when used in combination with other lighting types. When fixtures are placed on top of wall ledges, just below the ceiling, the illumination reflects onto the floor. The effect created is usually even with a muted expression. Recessed lights placed in the ceiling above a hallway can provide splashes of illumination without overwhelming the mood created by the ledge lights.

Recessed lights are perfect for stairways and hallways, bookshelves and lighting art, and can also be used in bedrooms and bathrooms as well.

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