Pool & Water Lighting

Create Magic with Water and Pool Lighting

Pools, ponds, fountains and waterfalls can add magic to outdoor environments, any time of the day, especially for homes in and around San Diego. Yet, with create water feature and pool lighting this magic can become mystical after dark. With the right color LED lighting and carefully selected fixtures, storybook scenes can take you into a fantasy world.

In addition to pools and water features, surrounding areas can also be lighted creatively. The right outdoor and pool lighting allows you to add new life to your outside evening entertainment. Appropriate lighting can turn an evening swim into a relaxing activity while ending off a busy day. Strategically placed outdoor and patio lighting  that complements pool lighting brings out beautiful views that add tremendous value to your nighttime outdoor living space.

Pool Lighting when you need it

Your poolside enjoyment does not have to end after sunset. Make the most of your swimming pool all day long. With custom designed lighting from Lighting Distinctions, you can extend your pool entertainment well into the night, which in San Diego and the surrounding area is usually quite pleasant. Lighting Distinctions has the expertise where it comes to the right combination of pool lighting. Furthermore, with spot lighting and directional lights, Lighting Distinctions knows how to accentuate exquisite waterfalls, ponds and other water features. Let Lighting Distinctions help you to make the most of your outdoor pool area.

Desired results require design and professional pool lighting installation

Thinking outdoor and pool lighting, you want thoughtful design and professional installation. Most importantly, you want peace of mind that special consideration is given to your underwater lighting. There are a wide variety of underwater lighting. For example, LED pool lights comes in radiant colors and can be installed to change from color to color at a suitable rate. Fiber optic pool lighting adds another dimension to pool lighting.

Pool deck lights spread a glow across surfaces hence providing safety while it also highlights architectural beauty. While walkway lights along the perimeter of pools give light for safe walking, it also provides a  subtle and pleasing display. With the right design and lighting fixtures, Lighting Distinctions achieve your desired results while you enjoy the ambiance you wanted to create.

Get Lighting Distinctions expertise

Considering lighting for your home’s aquatic elements yet you are unsure about the result? Do not delay, contact us today for your free home consultation and lighting demo. Rather than wondering what it will look like, let us show you in advance. If you already have pool lighting, it may be time for an upgrade. In many instances we can work with your existing pool lighting and save money on materials and installation. Our LED and low-voltage lighting solutions that complements your lighting fixtures, uses less energy while producing more light around your pool.

In addition, connect with us on social media via Facebook and see the lighting solutions we offer the wonderful people of the greater San Diego area.