Beautiful Ways to Spread Lights to Your Trees

Beautiful Ways to Spread Lights to Your Trees

It’s that time of year again! With the winter nights setting in and the holidays around the corner, it’s time to bust out your holiday lights and start spreading that festive cheer. After all, this year’s been tough, so we’re being encouraged to put our lights up early and spread those tidings of comfort and joy!

However, why stick with the same old style for your tree lights when you can mix it up and have some fun. Check out our five favorite ways to spread lights on your trees and start getting creative with your festive displays.


Recessed Lighting 

Recessed lighting is the classic movie theater look. The light sits in a small recess on the wall or roof. This means it does not protrude into the surrounding theater, therefore, keeping a clean and minimalist look. 

Placed on a dimmer, these lights can serve almost any purpose. Push them up when getting snacks, turn them down when the movie is on. By placing them on different circuits they can serve even more purposes. 

The Traditional Method: Horizontal Hanging

Horizontally hanging your Christmas tree lights is the most traditional option on this list. It’s easy to achieve a great look by hanging lights horizontally. So get your little helpers (aka the kids) involved without worrying that your tree will look messy.

It’s pretty straight forward, but if it’s your first time hanging tree lights, here are some pointers that will help:

  • Always test that your lights are working before starting to decorate. No one wants to switch on the power at the end of a decorating session to find they don’t work
  • Starting at the base of your tree, weave your lights under and over branches to create a spiral effect
  • Push some of the lights deeper into your tree to add depth and make your ornaments sparkle

Hanging your lights horizontally is a fail-safe way to spread lights on your trees, and it looks beautiful in any home.

For the Avant-Garde: Give Vertical Hanging a Try

If you want your lights to stand out, try hanging them vertically. Vertical lights have been circulating in home magazines for a few years now and are popular with interior designers who understand that your tree is the centerpiece of your festive home.

Vertical lights make your tree glisten beautifully because the lights sit on top of the branches rather than on or inside them. All you need to do is start with the plug end of your lights at the bottom of the tree and run the string upwards in a straight line. When you reach the top, curl the lights back down the tree so that you’re left with a sideways S shape.

You can then place glass ornaments in between your strings to reflect the light, which will add warmth and depth to your tree.

For Dramatic Outdoors: Try Spotlighting

Whether you want to feature a particular plant in your garden, or have a whole cluster of trees to highlight, spotlighting creates dramatic nighttime views that enable you to enjoy your garden throughout the winter.

You can even have some extra fun with spotlighting for the festive season! Why not hide some holiday ornaments amongst your branches for the family and neighbors to enjoy.

The type of spotlight you need to purchase for your trees will depend on their size, location, and the effect you want to create. You’ll also want to consider energy-saving measures like low voltage lighting and LED bulbs, as they can lower your running costs. A landscape lighting specialist will be able to advise you on the best options available and create dramatic outdoor arrangements that last beyond the holiday season.

Create A Winter Wonderland with Branch Lighting

As the leaves fall, you might be left with some very naked trees in need of dressing up. Fortunately, there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a row of perfectly decorated festive trees with each individual branch highlighted.

Branch lighting is the trickiest way to spread lights on this list, but you might need to draft in a friend to assist you. However, we promise it’s worth it in the end. Make sure you have a suitable outdoor extension cable and a ladder before you begin.

To hang lights along your branches, start by spiraling your string around the tree trunk. You then want to continue the process along each supporting branch until you’ve covered the entire tree. (Hint: You’re going to need extremely long strings of lights to achieve a full look, so ask an expert when your’re purchasing to avoid being caught out).

The idea of branch light is that even when the tree itself isn’t visible, the lights replicate its silhouette. It turns your garden into a winter wonderland, making it the perfect choice for the festive season and beyond.

For Bushes and Hedges: Try Net Lights

Bushes and hedges don’t need to be left out of the holiday fun! In fact, they are the easiest outdoor plants to decorate and they still have the wow factor at night. For the simplest, most effective way to spread lights on your shrubbery, try net lights.

Net lights can be draped over or around hedgerows to create uniform festive lighting in minutes. All you need to do is plug the lights in, secure them (usually net lights will hang on leaves and small branches so this isn’t too difficult) and you’re all set.

You can decorate entire hedgerows in no time at all, making it the perfect option for those rushing to complete their holiday chores.

Ready to Spread Lights to Your Trees?

Lighting up your outdoor trees is the best way to start feeling that holiday spirit. Use these five ways to spread lights and get creative with your holiday decorations this year. Then watch as your neighbors marvel at your beautiful displays.

If you’re struggling to hang your lights, or want to create a permanent lighting feature that will cover you for the holidays and beyond, we can help.

Lighting Distinctions offer expert landscape gardening and indoor lighting services across San Diego, and the festive season is our favorite time of year. Contact us to arrange your free consultation today.

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