Eight Ways to Create an Outdoor Living Space Your Neighbors Will Envy

Eight Ways to Create an Outdoor Living Space Your Neighbors Will Envy

An outdoor living space oasis is every homeowner’s dream; so much so that the industry generated over 18 billion dollars in 2019. People enjoy spending time outdoors with each other, especially in the middle of a global pandemic when indoor gatherings pose more of a risk.

Outdoor spaces are refreshing and rejuvenating, not to mention perfect places for parties and gatherings. How do you make your backyard a place where people will love to be?

If you’re looking to make over your outdoor space, here are eight ideas to get you started.


Before you start any planning, you’ll want to survey your space and decide how to use it. Too many people jump into creating their outdoor oasis with very little planning and start buying a variety of things that lack cohesiveness. As a result, the space holds no purpose.

Do you want to entertain? Relax? Make an area for kids to play? Whatever you’re thinking, formulate a purpose and a plan before moving forward.

Take a walk around your backyard by yourself, or with a designer and discuss the best ways to use the space. Make a list of ideas that you have and see if they’re doable in your space.

Define Your Space

Once you’ve decided how you’re going to use your space, it’s time to define it. Defining your space means that you declare that certain spaces are to be used in a specific way. For example, if you want one space to be devoted to a garden, decide how you’re going to lay it out.

Once you’ve defined your spaces, you’ll have a better vision of how you want them to look. There are lots of ideas.


Furniture is not just for the inside, as some pieces work great for the outdoors as well.

Some furniture pieces that you find outside are a patio table with an umbrella, dining sets, patio chairs that lounge, outdoor sofas, chairs, and bistro sets. There’s really no end to the type of outdoor furniture you can use in your space.

If you want a more relaxing atmosphere, try a hammock or patio chairs that lounge. Patio furniture also comes in a variety of materials such wood, plastic, aluminum, or steel.


Perhaps you didn’t think that your outdoor space needs lighting, but if you plan on entertaining at night, good lighting is a must. The perfect lighting will set the ambiance for your get together and will allow you to use your space long after the sunset.

You’ll want lighting in the places that you use the most. This could mean a grilling area, seating area, or even around the pool. Lighting in areas where there will be a lot of people is also a safety issue.

There’s a lot of variety in outdoor lighting, from using real fire to electrical. Hanging twinkle lights are popular, as are tiki torches, fire pits, step lights, and even candles.

Plant a Garden

A great garden design can brighten up any outdoor space. There are a few different types of gardens you might be interested in adding to your space.

First are flower gardens. Flower gardens contain an assortment of different flowers that may serve the purpose of a beautiful aesthetic. It’s also possible to use certain flowers and plants as a butterfly garden to watch and feed butterflies.

The second is a vegetable or herb garden. These gardens contain vegetables and herbs that you would pick, cook, serve and eat according to their season. Not all plants grow in the same season, so check your location’s timeframe for growing food to ensure it will thrive.

Water Feature

Water features make an excellent focal point to outdoor space. In addition to that, water features are relaxing, and pull all the other aspects of your outdoor space together. It truly transforms your space into an oasis.

Some water features you may want to consider are a waterfall, pond or fountain. You could even have a combination of all of these.


Did you know that decor is not just for the inside of your home, but also the outside as well? Many people enjoy making their outdoor space feel like the indoors by using a variety of different outdoor decor pieces.

Some pieces you could consider using are rugs, plants (hanging or table), vases, curtains, statues, figurines, and much more. These decor pieces add a charm to your space and could be conversation starters.

You could even add pillows or blankets to your furniture to make it more comfortable. Make sure that they’re waterproof for the outdoors, or you’ll need to put them in an outdoor storage container.

Pour a Patio or Build a Deck

One setback that people find when they go to design an outdoor space is that it lacks a patio design or a deck.

Building a deck or pouring a patio is a commitment, and an expensive project, but it can increase the value of your home. If you’re planning on spending a lot of time outside entertaining, having a smooth patio or deck would allow for people to sit and relax.

Before you start planning, you’ll need to get some professional advice and input from a contractor. They can help you with the design and materials if you’re not a savvy builder.

Your Outdoor Living Space

Designing an outdoor living space that’s fun and functional takes work, but it’s worth it when you’re outside grilling or entertaining your friends and family. How do you want to use your space?

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