Consider Dimmer Switches for Your Next Light Fixture

Consider Dimmer Switches for Your Next Light Fixture

Lighting is a critical component to making a house feel like home. People want something in the Goldilocks zone. Not too bright, but not too dark either.

Dimmer switches are the solution. They make it easy to adjust light levels, offering a wide range of mood lighting. They can also help conserve energy and help your bulbs last longer.

Here, we talk about why installing dimmer switches is a pro-level move for homeowners in the San Diego area.

What Do Dimmer Switches Do?

Light fixtures all use certain amounts of electricity to light your space. With regular light switches you don’t have any control over the amount of electricity used. Dimmer switches put that power back in your hands.

Unlike your typical light switch that just flicks on or off, dimmer lights will have a knob or sliding control of some kind. Adjusting the lights this way allows you to change the wattage output, giving you more or less light as needed.

There are plenty of online tutorials for how to install dimmer switches, but we recommend hiring professionals. They will make sure everything is safe, up to code, and functioning perfectly.

Why Should I Install Dimmer Switches?

If you’re not in love with your interior lighting, why not? In the age of the “smart house,” there is no reason to live in anything but perfect lighting.

Here are a few of our top reasons why you need to get your mood lighting on.

Dimmer Switches Help You Save Energy

Traditional light switches only have two settings, off or on. When they’re on you’re using the set amount of electricity with no other option. Dimmer switches give you the option to use less energy.

When you dim your lights, you lower the amount of power being sent to the bulb. The more you dim, the less power you use. The less power you use, the more energy you conserve. Can you say a lower electric bill?

Who doesn’t love saving a little money here and there? Soft lighting and money in your pocket, boom.

Extend the Life of Your Bulbs

Here is another way a dimmer switch can save you money. Regular lightbulbs, meaning non-LEDs, have halogen or incandescent filaments. The more power the bulb is drawing, the more stress there is on these filaments.

Dimmer lights deliver less power to the bulb. This results in less stress to the filaments. In turn, this means a longer life cycle for your bulbs.

Show Your Love for Mother Earth

Our first two points also lend themselves to this factor. You can show your commitment to green practices by installing dimmer switches. You will use less power and extend the life of your bulbs.

Using less power could potentially mean cutting down on power plant pollutants. Longer-lasting light bulbs equate to less toxic light bulb trash ending up in landfills.

Being green is a trend that we don’t see going anywhere. Might as well get on board however you can.

Better Lighting = Better Health

Bad lighting doesn’t just look bad, it can make us feel bad too. Light is one of the strongest cues for setting the timing for our biological clocks. Things like circadian rhythms are governed by this internal clock.

The lighting around us has the potential to throw our whole life out of whack, from our mood, our attentiveness, to even the way we sleep. Crazy right?

Having dimmer lights allows you to adjust light levels as appropriate throughout the day. The soft lighting dimmer lights provide, mimics the setting of the sun. This helps our biological clock know it’s time for rest.

Mood Lighting is Everything

Think about the difference between a fancy restaurant and a fast-food joint. Fancy restaurants have ambient, soft lighting, while fast-food joints usually just have blazing fluorescent overhead lights. The difference in mood is obvious when you start to pay attention to lighting.

The secret to a cozy, inviting space, is dimming. Installing dimmer switches in your home is a low-cost way to give yourself the power to set whatever mood you like.

You Look Good in Soft Light

You are a gorgeous human being. Yet, a little bit of soft lighting can take you over the top. When you dim a bulb, you take the light from bright white to softer warm tones.

This little trick will help your skin and hair look flawless. Try it next time you have a dinner party, need to take family photos, or just anytime you need a little confidence boost.

Installation is Fairly Simple

If you have experience with electrical work, installing dimmer switches can be a breeze. There are plenty of how-to’s online to support your efforts.

There are some situations where there might be challenges. If your home is on the older side, for example, or if the original electric wiring was done sloppily.

Even if you don’t go the DIY route, the process is simple for pros. Our skilled team will have you set up with the interior lighting of your dreams in no time.

Dimmer Switches Are Cheap

Once seen as a novelty, today dimmer switches can be quite affordable. Whether you are installing them yourself, or paying professionals to do it, the work won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Some cost as little as ten dollars.

With all the benefits we mentioned, plus the low price point, there really isn’t anything to lose. You’re also adding value to your property by modernizing your interior lighting.

I’m Ready to Set the Mood

Tired of your old one-trick light fixtures? Ready to look and feel your best?

If you’re ready to take power into your hands, we’re here for you. Dimmer switches are a simple, affordable way to enhance your home’s interior lighting. You’ll simultaneously be adding value to your property.

Multiple wins with a simple lighting hack.

Our team of professionals is standing by. Reach out today to get a free quote for dimmer switch installation. We look forward to surpassing your expectations and helping you create your dream home.

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