How to Get the Most from Security Exterior Lighting in Escondido, CA

How to Get the Most from Security Exterior Lighting in Escondido, CA

Do you want to invest in outdoor security lighting, but you’re unsure where to start? Security lighting will not only improve your property’s security system but also boost the general curb appeal of your Escondido home. However, you will need proper installation and placement of your exterior lighting to reap maximum benefits. 

Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t know much about security lighting and how best to maximize it. Illuminating your home’s exterior is essential for keeping away intruders. It also keeps your property well-lit to help you move around at night. 

Below are important tips to help you get the most of your outdoor security lights. 

Use Multiple Tall Lighting Fixtures  

When you’re considering security lighting, your main purpose should be to eliminate any dark spots on your property. Intruders and thieves are notorious for hiding in dark spots. Unfortunately, one tall, bright lighting fixture will not get the job done. 

You will need several lighting fixtures lined up around your property that are not too bright. Ensure you place the fixtures in different positions on your property. Remember to eliminate all the dark spots such as patches, bushes, and dark corners in your yard that could act as hiding spots for intruders. 

Strategically placing your lighting to target dark spots is essential for keeping intruders away. It’s also great for ensuring your property is safe and secure. 

Make Sure You Don’t Miss a Spot 

Installing multiple lighting fixtures around your Escondido property is great. However, you still need to make sure you don’t forget to cover any dark spots. Every lighting fixture should be strategically placed to cover as much ground as possible. 

You should have enough light fixtures to cover the whole property. This includes your front yard, driveway, front door, gate area, and the pathway that leads up to your front door. Don’t forget the sides and backside of your home. 

Most intruders try to access a property through the sides and backyard. That’s because these are the spots with little to no monitoring, and it’s away from people’s sight. It’s also very challenging to access someone’s property through the main entrance as all the attention is concentrated there. 

Consider the Angle and Positioning of the Lights 

Did you know that there is a right and wrong angle to place your light fixtures? The best positioning for an outdoor security light fixture should be off the ground. You should also place the light to shine downwards towards the ground. 

This placement helps you cast the light on a bigger radius which ultimately results in fewer fixtures. The ideal positioning and angle often help you save money as you will need fewer fixtures for full coverage. Additionally, it also reduces light pollution produced by too many wrongly-placed fixtures. 

However, it’s important to ensure that you don’t place the light fixtures too high up on the ground. The higher a source of light is, the lower the amount of light that reaches the ground. 

This means you will need a very bright light to place your fixtures high off the ground. Also, purchasing these types of fixtures is a tricky and unnecessary investment. 

Take Care of Your Light Fixtures 

Have you ever visited someone’s property around Escondido, and half their security lights were broken or off? Broken security lights might be doing your property more harm than good. When some of your lights are off, you may not have coverage in your dark spots, hence, attracting intruders and burglars to your property. 

What’s the point of investing in security lights then neglecting them? You need to have a suitable maintenance routine to ensure all your light fixtures perform optimally and stay in good shape. Check for burnt-out light bulbs and get a replacement as soon as possible. 

You can also schedule some time every month for cleaning and dusting your outdoor security lights. The light fixtures in your outdoor compound are prone to dust and debris accumulation. The dust may result in dim light, preventing them from shining optimally.   

Performing a maintenance check at least once or twice every month will help you keep your compound safe and avoid unwanted surprises. It will also give you peace of mind that intruders are kept at bay. 

Use Sensors and Timers 

Do you travel regularly or work till late? Then using lighting sensors and timers is a realistic security solution for you. When you set a timer for your security lights, they will turn on and off at the pre-set timing. This creates an impression that someone is home, tricking burglars even when you’re not home. 

Most thefts and burglaries take place when homeowners are away because the house is an easy target. Timed lighting will help you keep criminals away from your property. On the other hand, day and night sensors will also have a similar outcome. 

The sensors depend on the setting and rising of the sun. This helps them determine the right timing to switch the lights on and when to switch them off. Most people prefer using floodlights to keep their compounds safe. 

Pairing a high-quality floodlight with security cameras across your property is also a great way to capture any activity that happens. This helps you pinpoint any intruders effortlessly. 

Now You Know How to Get the Best Out of Your Outdoor Security Lighting in Escondido 

Your home is a reflection of who you are and an extension of yourself. With proper outdoor security lighting you can protect your property and create your own unique signature. Outdoor security lighting also allows you to create a design and atmosphere that improves your curb appeal and makes you feel at home. 

Hiring the right outdoor lighting installation expert is the first step to securing your Escondido property. Contact us today, and our team of experts will handle all your exterior lighting needs. We will ensure that your outdoor lighting goes beyond the simple functionality of illumination and safety. 

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