Why You Want Low-Voltage LED Landscape Lighting for Your Exterior in Rancho Bernardo, CA

Why You Want Low-Voltage LED Landscape Lighting for Your Exterior in Rancho Bernardo, CA

Any home improvement project won’t be complete without the right lighting fixtures. You might think that the idea of the right lighting only applies to a home’s interior design. However, be it for the inside home, or the outside home, having the right light matters. 

Exterior lights will illuminate your Rancho Bernardo home’s architecture, yard, garden, pool, and even your deck and patio. It gives them a sense of warmth and comfort as the sun sets. This is why it’s important to choose low voltage LED landscape lighting that suits your space and needs. 

The choices available in the market today can be quite overwhelming but trust us when we say you want to narrow down your search to low-voltage lighting options. Lighting innovations, like high-quality exterior LED lighting, make decision-making even easier. 

It’s no surprise why many prefer these types of low-voltage exterior lights. Let’s go over why you should want them too. 

Low-Voltage Exterior Lights 

A common misconception about exterior house lights is that they don’t have the same quality as line voltage options. While line voltage does offer higher wattage for lighting, it’s not the best idea. Not only do you end up wasting a lot of energy, but it can also be hazardous. 

This is especially true if you love taking on DIY projects. With the home-improvement industry booming, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it yourself. If you opt for low-voltage lighting, you’ll find they’re every bit as good as high-voltage lines. 

In some cases, they are even the better option. Here are some reasons why. 

They’re Way More Cost-Efficient 

One of the many benefits of low-voltage exterior lights is how cost-effective they are. Aside from initial start-up costs, like buying a transformer, you’ll save money. This is because low-voltage lights use less power. 

Less power means a lower electricity bill. It also means your lights don’t burn out as fast, thus prolonging their lifespan. This reduction of power doesn’t come with a reduction in efficiency either. 

Whether you need exterior garage lights or something for your garden, a low-voltage setup is cheaper in the long run. If you opt for LED bulbs, your low-voltage system will go even further. LED is more expensive to buy, but also far more efficient and lasts way longer. 

The initial cost of buying LED bulbs will prove to be a great investment in a low-voltage setup. They don’t need as much power and still deliver tons of light for long periods of time. You also save on the installation costs associated with heavier duty setups. 

Proper cable installation with a junction box for high-voltage systems is expensive. You’ll find getting the transformer is easier, both in terms of time and money. The extra power from a high-voltage line isn’t needed today with LED’s domination. 

Any money you spend on getting started will come back in savings on electricity and new bulbs. A low-voltage setup is the most cost-effective option. 

Safety and Ease of Installation 

A low-voltage solution for your exterior lights is safer than traditional line voltage. The difference in power is a whopping 12 volts versus 120 volts. If you, your family, or a visitor gets electrocuted by a 120-volt line at your Rancho Bernardo home, it could result in serious injury or death. 

To use high-powered line voltage systems, you have to bury the cables deep underground. You also have to make them accessible, usually via a junction box. This process usually involves plenty of safety risks and red tape to avoid accidents. 

Even then, the potential for injury is still there. A problem with the junction box or connection could still deliver a nasty surprise to you or your loved ones. This type of option is best left to a professional installation. 

A low-voltage option is preferable, both for safety and ease of installation. Anyone can learn how to install a basic low-voltage system. The basic idea is to connect the transformer to the light setup via cables. 

You don’t have to bury heavy cables 18 inches underground. You also don’t have to worry about a dangerous and unsightly junction box on your property. The risks during installation are also much lower, as a low-voltage system won’t deliver as strong of a shock. 

There is no reason to opt for high-voltage residential exterior lights, especially with efficient and widespread LED bulbs. The safety risks usually aren’t worth it. 

Tons of Variety to Choose From 

The world is going towards sustainability and efficiency. Manufacturers are rushing to capitalize on this trend and to build as many low-footprint systems as possible. Consumers have responded in turn and are opting for low-voltage setups, especially outside. 

LED lights and low-voltage options are everywhere, and they’re becoming the preferred setup. Residential low-voltage lighting boasts tons of variety and options. From a powerful flood-light look to softer and warmer tones, the sky’s the limit. 

It doesn’t matter if you are an architect, a home designer, or only a homeowner looking for a change. You can channel your inner designer and find a low-voltage option that brings out the beauty of any space. Don’t force yourself to accommodate bulky cables, conspicuous junction boxes, or garish lights. 

Do something else with your space. Be bold and find a setup that calls to you. From color, size, and arrangement, you’ll find your preferences met by low-voltage options. 

The best part about low-voltage options is that they are also super easy to change and swap out. If you get tired of a particular look, it’s simple and cheap to replace. You’ll never run out of style choices and options either. 

Opt For Low-Voltage Setups for Your Exterior Lights in Rancho Bernardo 

There isn’t a good reason to go for high-voltage residential lighting anymore. Low-voltage setups deliver everything you need while being safer and cost-effective. What’s more, is the power of LED makes low-voltage systems even better. 

When it comes to setting up low voltage exterior lights in the Rancho Bernardo area, trust the pros at Lighting Distinctions. Our blog has plenty of tips and information and we’re always willing to answer questions. Contact us today and make your dream lighting a reality. 

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