Modern Bedroom Lighting Design Ideas for Santaluz, CA Homes

Modern Bedroom Lighting Design Ideas for Santaluz, CA Homes

Lighting design can vastly influence the look of a space. It’s no wonder why theatrical lighting designers are in such high demand. Many people don’t realize it, but your lighting can influence the look of a bedroom just as much as your furniture or paint color. 

Depending on your bedroom lighting, your space can look larger or smaller. Your lights will also influence the hue your color takes.  

How do you take advantage of the best modern bedroom lighting design ideas for your Santaluz home? This article will walk you through everything you need to know about bedroom lighting, beautiful bedroom light fixtures, romantic bedroom ceiling lights, and in general, the best lighting ideas for your style and situation.  

Warm and Inviting  

Your bedroom in Santaluz is the place you settle down in at night, so it’s always a good idea to make it feel more relaxing and comfortable. Nothing says relaxation and warmth like some great bedroom lighting.  

Consider investing in some wood furniture and painting your walls a nice red with warm undertones. Contrast the reds with blues and yellows for a more modernist look, or for something more rustic, go with browns and blacks.  

Go with subtle overhead ceiling lights, just enough to set a nice mood. For this sort of warm and inviting idea, you’re going to want to really focus on the lamps. Place some subtle lamps throughout the room with partially see-through lampshades, and you’ll create a room that’s warm and inviting.  

Another idea is to get yourself some wonderful closet lights. Closet lights are a great way to allow yourself an unexpected level of depth.  

You can also hang some Christmas lights, or even light some candles in your room to further the warm, shadowy, inviting look.  

Rooms with this sort of lighting are all about subtly. You might want to build in some wall lights to create small sources of light so that the room appears to be radiating light and warmth itself. 

Cooling Down 

If relaxation for you is more about cooling off, choose cool overtones, furniture that’s spacious and modern, and lights that enhance the space. We recommend going with a deep, full-bodied blue, contrasted with yellows and whites.  

Blue and darker yellow is an extremely popular color combination. It’s the color palette that a lot of contemporary Hollywood movies use. While you can’t recreate the grayscale of an old movie (we live in color, after all), you can recreate a distinct contemporary Hollywood look.  

We recommend going with some LEDs here. Enhance the modernist quality of your room with cool, start lighting. It helps if you have harsh edges to your room too, another key characteristic of modernist style.  

Place LEDs under your bed to suffuse it with an extra-cool glow. You can also put some LED strips towards the ceiling, or invest in an LED lightbulb.  

We also recommend you get yourself a great hanging ceiling fixture. A contemporary chandelier is perfect for helping any room transition from room to work of art.  

 Have you considered art lighting? If you have a painting or photograph on your wall that you really like, consider putting an LED behind it to give it a vaporwave-like halo. 

Black But Not Dreary  

With great bedroom lighting service in the Santaluz area, you can paint your entire room black, and never make it look dreary. Go with shades of black, grey and white and you’ll still be able to make the room like a place you’d want to sleep in.  

Hanging pendant lights are extremely important to dark rooms. Consider hanging several at different heights throughout your room to create levels of visual interest.  

A black room is another room in which lamps are extremely important. Just like the pendant lights, you should have several different lamps that you’re able to put at different heights. The vertical contrast of the lights will compensate for the more monochromatic look of the room.  

You can also put colored lights underneath the bed to give your room one accent of color. This accent can be extremely effective if the rest of the room is austere. Consider also peppering the room with splotches of that color. 

For accent colors we recommend blues, dark reds and golds. Gold can look especially good if you’re able to get a lamp made of that color.  

Grey Rustic 

A common up-and-coming design for bedroom color and light is the “grey rustic” aesthetic. Grey rustic seeks to combine rustic, pastoral, cottage-style landscapes with the practicality of the modern world. 

Natural light is extremely important to the grey rustic aesthetic, and we recommend making sure your windows are large and that your rustic room is on the right side of the house. South-facing rooms are the brightest and stay that way the longest during the day.  

We recommend pendant lights and other sorts of hanging lights that replicate the look of sunlight for your grey rustic room. To maximize the effect, you should keep the overhead lighting in rooms like this to a minimum.  

Contemporary Bedroom Lighting Ideas for Santaluz 

Many people care about their room’s color and furniture, but how many of them know how important bedroom lighting is? Now that you’ve thought about these bedroom lighting ideas for your Santaluz home, you’re far more likely to set up a room that truly shines.  

For more information, contact us today.  

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