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What Your Light Fixtures Say About You

Lighting fixtures add a dose of personality and style to your San Diego area home.

Interior designers consider your fixtures to be the jewelry of your home. Too many lighting fixtures or the wrong fixture can detract from your room’s appearance.

Wondering what your home’s light fixtures say about you? Let’s learn what you are telling your guests through your fixtures.

I’m a Glamazon

If your home decor is glitzy and a bit girly you might be a glamazon. The glamazon’s home is characterized by playful colors, shiny ornaments and alluring light fixtures.

Glamorous light fixtures add a little bit of sparkle to your home. They have upward or downward casting shadows that add a bit of drama and keep your rooms interesting.

Statement lighting fixtures like chandeliers or pendants are common types of glamorous lighting.

Chandeliers are one of the most iconic light fixtures. They add form and functionality to your room. A multi-tier chandelier efficiently lights your room and looks great while doing it.

Pendant lighting is a little simpler than a full-on chandelier. These light fixtures are usually adjustable so you can find the right positioning for lighting your space.

Pendant lights and chandeliers both come in a range of materials and styles. There are fixtures that use ornate crystals, sleek metal, and even natural materials like bamboo or wood.

These light fixtures can easily be incorporated into different styles of homes. Use these glamorous fixtures in a dining room, bedroom, or an entranceway to make a statement.

The size of the chandelier or pendant light fixture you choose is important. The right fixture size is based on the length and width of your room. If your room is 15’ x 15’ a 30” round chandelier will look nice and not crowd the room.

I’m Creative

The creative’s home is characterized by an eclectic mixture of furniture, art and objects. There may be candles, cushions and art supplies all in the mix. Good lighting keeps the creative’s home comfortable and makes it a great place to relax.

Creative light fixtures are works of art in themselves. They have a quirkiness about them that matches the mood of the rest of the home. The creative decorates their home with things they purchased during a trip to a different country, and light fixtures that they love.

Most creative homes make use of their wall space for lighting. Sconces show the artistic side of your home. These light fixture styles can range from dramatic to minimalist, depending on the fixture you choose.

It’s common for wall sconces to be found in the bedroom on both sides of the bed. Sconces are also a nice touch in the bathroom. If you install a wall sconce next to the mirror, it can reflect and make your bathroom brighter. They are also an elegant touch to any dining room or hallway.

Find a wall sconce that matches your unique creative style. Sconces can provide accent lighting or focused lighting for your home depending on where they are installed.

Use a shade with your sconce to provide task lighting. These are ideal for lighting a specific area,  like a desk or dining room.

I’m a Minimalist

A minimalist home covers the necessities, and that’s about it. In a minimalist bedroom there will be a bed, side table, lamp, and not much else. The walls are probably painted a crispy white. These homes are straightforward and undistracted.

Minimalist home decor frequently makes use of accent lamps. These lamps are utilitarian but also decorative. They provide task lighting and a decorative touch to the room.

Accent lamps pack a powerful punch of light into a room. They also have different brightness settings so that the light can be adjusted to fit the need or mood.

While there are many benefits of ceiling fixtures, freestanding accent lamps often have a structural quality to them. They create a soft inviting glow to your home.

Accent lights can provide mood lighting to your home. Leave an accent lamp on while watching a movie or to slightly illuminate a hallway at night.

Minimalists use accent lamps as a primary piece of home decor. Their accent lamps are like works of art scattered throughout the home.

String lights are another common choice of lighting by minimalists. String lights that stretch across a patio or outdoor space provide a soft romantic glow. These lights are used to provide just enough light for a party,but not too much to where the light is overwhelming.

During the day string lights add charm and decoration to the patio.

I’m an Environmentalist

If your home uses natural elements like wood, stone, or bamboo, it could be reflecting your love of nature. People who are environmentally conscious reduce their carbon footprint with solar-powered light fixtures or lights with LED bulbs.

Many eco-conscious people use ceiling lights and practical recessed lighting in their homes. These styles of lighting do not protrude into the home or make themselves known.

Flush mount ceiling light fixtures are often made from simple ceramic or glass and keep with the natural vibe. These light fixtures look best in traditional, modern, or contemporary homes.

Ceiling lights are often found in kitchens and bathrooms, but some homes also feature them in every room.

Recessed lighting is also unobtrusive and useful. Recessed lights work well in different areas of the home. These fixtures provide bright lighting to an office or children’s playroom.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs fit easily into recessed lighting fixtures. They can reduce the amount of energy your home uses and last for years.

If you don’t want your lightbulbs to show, consider installing a recessed light fixture that has a glass cover for an elegant look.

Light Fixtures for Every Style

Quality light fixtures say a lot about your home and your personality. What are your light fixtures telling your friends and family about you?

If you have been considering installing new light fixtures in your home but don’t know where to start, contact Lighting Distinctions. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners in the San Diego area find the right interior and exterior lighting.

Schedule a complimentary consultation and we’ll design a lighting plan to bring out your home’s personality.