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Highlight Your Style With Quality Interior Lighting

Do you live in San Diego or the surrounding area and want to enhance or uplift your living space? Quality interior lighting is the answer.

Every architectural element of the interior of your home and every piece of art is a reflection of your style. Smart interior lighting highlights what you want to emphasize and enhances your interior living space, while complementing your personal style. From stairways to kitchens, baths to home theaters, you can achieve the desired atmosphere in your home with the right lighting.

We’ll work with you to design lighting systems for your entire home according to your requirements. We focus on what you want and highlight specific spaces, while creating the style and look you desire. The results speak for themselves: elegant fixtures and perfect illumination that dovetail with the overall architecture of the rooms and your home.

Living Room
Dining Room
Art Lighting
Home Office
Home Theater
Foyer and Entryway
Decorative and Fixtures
Pendant Lighting
Shelf Lighting
LED Lighting

We recommend LED lamps for interior lighting. LED lighting provides the perfect color and intensity and saves energy and cost over time. In addition, we can also install simple controls that will provide you with precise adjustments.

Browse our interior lighting pages and see what we can do for you. You will find the list of various rooms within the house in the sub-menu below Interior Lighting.

Lighting Distinctions designers are familiar with interior specifications. We not only have comprehensive knowledge of all the elements, but we also have years of experience in implementing interior lighting systems for people in the San Diego area. Our expert designers are here to assist with the perfect illumination for every aspect of your home.

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