Exploring the Trend of Pendant Lighting

Exploring the Trend of Pendant Lighting

Do you know what light format is the next big thing in interior design, or what ceiling light is becoming a major trend in a plethora of different rooms of people’s homes?

We’ll answer those questions for you. It’s the pendant light!

Pendant lighting is quickly becoming one of the most sought after lighting fixtures in new builds and home renovations, from the USA to India and beyond.

Have you thought about jumping on the pendant light bandwagon?

There’s no better time to do just that. We’ve written this post to let you know exactly what pendant lights are, as well as to give you some top tips on how to install them in your own San Diego home.


Pendant Lighting: What Is It?

As you can probably guess, pendant lighting is a specific form of light fixture that can be installed in your home.

All pendant lights share the same essential characteristics when it comes to how they are installed. Pendant lighting refers to a light source that is suspended from the ceiling just like a chandelier.

However, pendant lights aren’t exactly chandeliers. Though they are very similar, pendant lights are typically made up of fewer light sources overall, than a chandelier.

Though they can be used as a centerpiece like a chandelier, they aren’t as bombastic. They are also a considerably more modern and contemporary design option.

Now that you know what pendant lights are, allow us to tell you how they can best be placed in your home.

As Ambient and Access Lighting

An important positive of using pendant lights is that they are a practical choice, as well as a strong aesthetic choice. Pendant lights can often give large swathes of light to a room, known as ambient lighting.

This can make them perfect for large social areas like a dining room. Much like the aforementioned chandeliers, they work great as a central hung ceiling light above your dinner table. However, instead of looking baroque, they offer a sleek and modern touch to your dining room.

Pendant lights also work well as accent lights. An accent light is used to light up a very specific part of a room. For example, they are used in museums to light up artworks appropriately.

With pendant lighting you can single out portions of your room, such as a bar area or a side breakfast bar. That way you can segment your room out through your lighting choices.

Also, because they hang from the ceiling, these lights don’t get in the way of other interior decor choices. Instead, they can complement the design you’ve chosen for your home.

As Task Lighting

Pendant lighting is so versatile that it can also be used for the third main type of light, known as task lighting.

Task lighting is lighting that has been installed for a specific task, such as a reading lamp. Pendant lighting, though perhaps not great for a reading lamp, can work brilliantly as a single light source in certain spaces.

You could install it in your workshop, or at a kitchen countertop. This is perfect, as the light will hang above you and out of your way as you work.

You could also raise a pendant light above your work desk to fully illuminate your office space. This way your eyes won’t strain from those long nights spent at your desk.

Experimenting with Numbers

When it comes to pendant lighting, they are a unique lighting breed in the sense that you can play around with the number of lights you use in a specific space.

You can get away with just using one pendant light as a statement piece, or have it flanked by two or three others. You don’t need to rely on evens in this approach either, an odd number of pendant lights like three or five can look just as polished in the right room.

Consider lining them all in a row above your bar, or having three hanging low light spotlights. The only thing to avoid with pendant lighting is using too many. This can overwhelm a space and make a room look cluttered.

Versatility and Character

As you can probably tell by the many different suggestions above in terms of which rooms to hang your pendant lights in, pendant lights are extremely versatile lighting fixtures. Few other lighting options give you such practicality combined with such a modern design.

If you’re looking to purchase pendant lighting, the best advice we can give is to embrace this versatility. Think about all the spaces that could benefit from pendant lighting, but also the different kinds of pendant lights themselves.

Some stores or bars today don’t even include lamps on their pendant lights, they just hang the lightbulb in a rebellious style. Others have traditional bowls, multicolored designs, or drums, known as drum pendants, that provide a cylindrical shade.

With pendant lights, an important facet is where the light source will be facing. You can get pendant lights that project light upwards or downwards, so make sure to consider which would be best for your space.

They also come in different sizes, including mini pendants, which are perfect for accent or task lighting uses. Of course, if you’re looking for a pendant light centerpiece, go big or go home.

There are simply too many different types of pendant lights to keep track of.

Where Can I Find Out More About Pendant Lighting?

If you want to find out more about the wonders of pendant lighting, make sure you contact us directly.

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