Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting Adds Joy To Food Preparation And Conversation

The kitchen has always been the hub of family life, especially for those in San Diego and the surrounding area. Here, life-long memories are created around the preparation of great food. And, often these memories  recall intimate or group conversations in a space where informal snacks or elaborate hors d’oeuvres provide their own magnetism. Well-designed kitchen lighting inspires the best work of a chef and the desired mood for the conversation that follows.

Ideally, a kitchen’s lighting fixtures are both hidden and front-center. Under-cabinet lighting, artistic center-island light fixtures and over-sink light fixtures can all have an amazing impact, giving your home a more fun, upscale, and modern feeling.

But modern lighting also can emphasize traditional style, such as high ceilings with heavy wooden beams. Small spotlights aimed upwards, or lamps laid along the trusses, can create a wonderful play of light and shadow.

With this new sophisticated look, your kitchen stands ready to be the focus of any occasion. You, your family and guests will come to the kitchen for food, but the lighting will prompt you to linger.