The Magic of Great Lighting – Outdoors & Indoors

The Magic of Great Lighting – Outdoors & Indoors

Well-designed and executed lighting, whether indoor or outdoor, has a lot of benefits both aesthetically and functionally. Lighting transforms the look of your yard and your home’s interior in ways that make your indoor and outdoor living spaces superior places for relaxing, entertaining, and living the way you want.

Lighting Distinctions takes lighting to the next level, and really enjoys helping homeowners in the San Diego area to enhance the lighting features of their homes. In fact, we love working with people to light spaces so much that we have been doing it for over 25 years.


Benefits of Great Outdoor Lighting

can help bring your whole yard together but there are factors you have to consider. In fact, there are four things that we consider to be crucial when designing and installing outdoor landscape lighting.

Appearance– The proper positioning of outdoor lights makes the architectural features of any home stand out. Well-designed outdoor LED lighting enriches the look of your home, after the sun sets, by creating an atmosphere that accentuates all the strengths of your home’s design and landscaping.

We specialize in both residential and commercial lighting and have mastered the proper design of lighting systems that are not only beautiful and long-lasting, but also energy efficient.

We excel in the use of LED outdoor lighting and install stunning patio, pool, and walkway lights that will really enhance your home’s aesthetics. We also light special spaces. For example, we can put in gazebo lights and make it shine or install LED garden lights that will show off your green thumb.

Functionality– at Lighting Distinctions, we understand that landscape lighting plays a central role in defining outdoor spaces and their uses. Living in a climate like San Diego allows for the year-round use of outdoor spaces. Proper decking or outdoor patio lights support outdoor living at its best and does so year-round.

Safety and Security– Good outdoor lighting fixtures provide you with the ability to move around with confidence, so that walking in and out of your home or commercial space is safe and easy. Well-lit properties are also a deterrent to potential intruders who can be easily spotted, as there are fewer shadows or dark spots to provide cover. Security lights stop potential intruders in their tracks. At the very least, you should consider garage door lights. They have the advantage of not only lighting the front of your home and driveway but also giving the world the appearance that you are home, another factor that most intruders try to avoid.

Those that love to swim at night should consider installing quality pool lights to help set the perfect mood while adding a layer of safety and security they did not have before.

A Great Look– It is one thing to have lights illuminating a house or commercial property, and it is quite another thing to have exterior LED lighting designed in such a way that they enhance the beauty of the property that they are illuminating. If you have been planning for a while, and have some great outdoor patio lighting ideas, we can make those plans into reality.

At Lighting Distinctions, we go beyond meeting minimum outdoor lighting expectations and create the wow effect by using lighting fixtures and fittings that complement your home or building’s style along with your own personal taste. We create the ambiance our clients are looking for because we never compromise on aesthetics.

Designing Great Indoor Lighting

We like to design indoor lighting for both beauty and energy efficiency. We follow a few basic design principles and methods to achieve both.

More is not necessarily better. Human visual performance depends on both light quality and quantity. So, we match the quality of light to the function of the rooms we are lighting while not overdoing it. We do this by maximizing the use of day lighting whenever possible, installing task lights where needed, and reducing ambient light elsewhere.

Our indoor lighting designs are energy-efficient and often make use of occupancy sensors for automatically turning on and off your lights as needed in the kitchen, living room, and other high-demand areas.

With light wall colors, we can minimize the need for artificial lighting and make great use of day lighting, or we can put in moon lighting and make the wall color pop.

Let us take a closer look at lights for your kitchen as an example. Because the kitchen tends to be the hub of family life, especially for those of you living in San Diego and its surrounds, well-designed kitchen lighting inspires great cooking experiences along with memorable conversations.

Ideally, kitchen lighting fixtures are a combination of hidden and front-center. Under lighting, artistic center-island light fixtures, and over-sink light fixtures have an amazing impact on the mood of your kitchen by giving it a fun, upscale, and modern feeling that is both welcoming and functional.

Modern lighting design can also emphasize traditional style, such as high ceilings with heavy wooden beams. Small spotlights aimed upwards, or lamps laid along the trusses create a wonderful play of light and shadow.

Whatever the room you want to light, Lighting Distinctions we help you achieve the look that you want. We will create a look that fits your particular style and the style of your home.

Getting Started

Whether you want lighting for a pool or patio, the walkways around your home, or the entire exterior, we can help. Whether you want to upgrade your interior lighting room by room or all at once, we can provide creative and professional ideas, and take care of all your lighting needs once a decision has been made.

We are your lighting experts and will help you to create indoor and outdoor spaces that most people only dream about. So, whether you are designing a new house, or want to perfect the one you have, we are among the best in San Diego for all your residential, landscape, and interior lighting needs.

We will recast the look of your garden, pool, or patio by lighting them all to your exact specifications. We will partner with you to turn ordinary indoor and outdoor living spaces into extraordinary ones that are ideal for all aspects of your family’s life. Whether it be a place to relax, to entertain, or to study for a test or enjoy a moment alone, no matter the vision you have for your home, we will help you to make it happen.

Also remember, we not only excel in outdoor and interior lighting, we are also experts when it comes to lighting your artwork. We can also transform your commercial space into something memorable, as well as safe and secure.

We love lighting and we know what it can do for any property. Schedule an appointment to discuss your lighting vision and budget with one of our lighting specialists. We come to you, and talk about your requirements, then design and develop a system according to your specifications.

When it is convenient for you to do so, we will demo the design to show you exactly what your completed project will look like.

Prepare for the “Wow Factor,” contact Lighting Distinctions today to book your free home consultation.

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