Olivenhain, CA Interior Design Kitchen Lighting Techniques: Eight Factors to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Lighting

Olivenhain, CA Interior Design Kitchen Lighting Techniques: Eight Factors to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is the most important room of the house for prospective buyers and residents, but there is an area of kitchen design people overlook, and that’s choosing kitchen lighting. 

Whether you are updating your current kitchen or starting a new project, interior design kitchen lighting techniques are crucial. Your new kitchen island or utensils cannot be lit up in all their glory with poor lighting choices. There are plenty of kitchen lighting designs to choose from, so how can you decide what is best for your Olivenhain kitchen?

Check out these factors you should consider when choosing kitchen lighting to really make your kitchen the focal point of your home.


Lighting Functions

You want to have ample light that covers all areas of the kitchen, but you should also consider the functions you need when installing kitchen lighting. For example, task lighting adds visibility to essential locations of the kitchen. 

Ambient lighting can create an inviting space and sets the tone for your kitchen. It usually lights up a general area, such as where you eat.

Accent lighting draws attention to specific features of the kitchen. It can light up areas such as display cabinets, art pieces, and even the inside of drawers.

Under-cabinet lighting can act as task or ambient lighting or consider toe-kick lighting for an unexpected twist to lighting your kitchen.

Many people opt for kitchen lighting designs that incorporate layers. This is when you combine different types of lighting. You can also use natural light with large windows and feature pieces to add to the kitchen design. 

Lighting Types

Once you decide on the types of kitchen lighting you are interested in, you can look at the lighting options. You can decide on bulbs, fixtures, and even plug-in or battery-operated lights. 

You may consider under cabinet lighting with puck or strip lights for task work. You can look at jam jar pendant lights or some cluster pendant lights. 

Ambient lighting includes cabinet, pendant, bar, recessed lighting, or flush and semi-flush mounts. Dimmer switches are a popular choice to add to a kitchen lighting design’s ambiance.

Under-the-counter lighting can act as accent lighting, too, if you have dimmers.  You may even consider picture lights or track lighting. 

Kitchen Lighting Designs 

What kitchen lighting types fit well with your actual kitchen design? A vintage-style chandelier might be appealing, but will it fit with your modern kitchen in your Olivenhain home? Lights can also make a room feel smaller or bigger.

When choosing kitchen lighting, consider the actual lighting designs. Some people want lighting that accentuates the kitchen style. Others select lighting designs that add flair or a colorful twist to their kitchen.

Lighting styles continue to evolve. You can research designs online or look at example designs to help with inspiration. Find similar style kitchens to yours and see what lighting they use. 


It is possible to sufficiently light your kitchen and reduce your energy consumption. This does not only cut your energy bills but is also more environmentally friendly, something everyone in Olivenhain should think about. 

Pick energy-saving light bulbs, such as compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and LED bulbs. They consume less power, so the power plants produce fewer greenhouse emissions.

Look for the color temperature, Energy Star certification, and CRI rating. An Energy Star certification means it has been longevity tested and has a minimum CRI rating to avoid grey light.

There are other ways to make your kitchen lighting more energy efficient. You can use dimmer switches to reduce light flow when it is not needed.

Lighting technology continues to evolve. Choose motion-sensitive controls, so there are no worries about switching off lights. Some systems can even be controlled by a smartphone or through home Wi-Fi now.

The more switches you install, the easier it is to switch on the lights you need in a specific area of the kitchen. 


Lighting does not only impact your kitchen design. It also affects mood and other aspects of health.

Lighting for kitchens can set the mood for gatherings, mealtimes, and meal preparation. Do you want a stressful, calm, or soft happy atmosphere? Your lighting choice will help determine this, so choose wisely.

Consider layers, dimmers, and light levels to determine a soft or vibrant feel. 


The functionality, design, and type of light you choose also impacts kitchen safety. You want enough lighting to prepare food and clean up safely. 

Place lighting strategically to prevent shadows, such as over hobs and preparation areas. Adjustable lights can work well to expand these illuminated areas too. 

Accidents will occur if there is insufficient lighting or if the lighting is too harsh.

Kitchen Lighting Budget

When choosing kitchen lighting, also work out your budget. If you are in the construction stage, set aside a budget for installing kitchen lighting. 

It is essential to know your budget to pick quality lighting that will serve its purpose. There is no use spending too much on one type of lighting and sacrificing functionality.

Look for warranty options too, as kitchen lighting designs might be too good to be true without one.

The Lighting Installation Company Near Olivenhain

Pick a lighting installation company that has the expertise and reputation. They can review kitchen lighting designs and help make your dream become a reality.

Read customer testimonials online, such as on social media pages. It is also helpful to view their online galleries to see examples of their previous work.

If you are interested in the lighting company, ask if they offer a free consultation. A free consultation can help you decide whether it is the right company for you.

Feel Confident When Choosing Kitchen Lighting

Choosing kitchen lighting can feel overwhelming but consider these factors to find the perfect lighting for your kitchen.

There is no use following trends if it does not offer you practicality or suit your kitchen. Functional, efficient, and affordable lighting helps you make the most of your kitchen. It will also help your kitchen remain a tranquil place where you can seek solace, not stress.

Do you want to learn more about kitchen lighting designs? We have kitchen lighting solutions for all needs in the Olivenhain area. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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