Make a Small Room Seem Bigger with Lighting

Make a Small Room Seem Bigger with Lighting

Do you have a tiny space that you’re anxious to bring to life? Lighting is one of the best ways to brighten the look of a small room. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of illumination to completely transform your San Diego area space.
With that said, if you’re interested and learning more about how to light a room to make it appear larger, check out these handy tips.

Use Shelf Lighting

If you have a small space that has shelves, incorporating lights is a good idea. The dark corners on shelves sometimes add to the closed-in appearance of the room.

However, by adding LED strips or other shelf lighting, it helps to illuminate the area. This is great for using on bookcases for private libraries and home offices.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Letting the sun rays beam through your window is the best way to light a room. Instead of relying on artificial light fixtures by themselves, keep your drapes and blinds open.

By doing so, it illuminates the shadowy areas of the room and makes it brighter and look wider.

Use Multiple Light Sources

One of the greatest secrets for lighting a room is using multiple sources. If you only have one area highlighted, then it’s only going to illuminate that section of the room.

However, using lights all over your tiny space ensures that there are no dark, shaded corners. Keep in mind that darkness only makes the room look smaller, so the more light there is, the better.

Take Advantage of Mirrors

In conjunction with your lighting, mirrors are a great pairing. They help to further illuminate the room and give an illusion of a larger space.

Mirrors work best on large surfaces like doors and walls. Plus, if you want to use them to reflect natural light, placing them in front of a window does the trick.

Mirrors by themselves have the power to make a room look bigger, but pairing them with lights gives it a complete makeover.

Opt for Brighter Colors

If you want to make a room look wider, it’s best to use a bright color. White actually works best. Not only does it widen the look of your space, but it also illuminates better when light is shining on it.

If white is not the color you want, then pigments like yellow, aqua blue, or pastel pink work well too. Whatever you do, just stay away from deep, dark colors like brown, green, dark blue, and maroon.

Put Lighting in the Corners of the Room

Do you really want to know how to light a room? It’s all in the positioning of the lights.

So far we’ve mentioned the corners of the room. However, we must stress how important it is to keep the corners of your space illuminated.

It’s best to put lamps in the corner, or if you want special lighting on the ceiling, have it installed near the crevices of the room. By doing so it automatically provides a broader look to your tiny space.

Add in a Bold Ceiling Fixture

Nothing adds pop to a room like a ceiling fixture. It automatically draws attention and opens up the space. Not only does it provide good lighting, but it also gives a dramatic effect.

If the room is small, the ceiling fixture will give it so much pizzaz that it won’t matter. You should still add other sources of light in the room. A solo ceiling fixture won’t do the trick for giving proper illumination. So make sure to give it a little help.

Decorate with Transparent Furniture

Decorating with transparent furniture is another cool trick for making a small room look bigger. It’s best to design the room with glass tables, chairs, indoors. Doing so brings the light through a lot more.

It’s best to decorate with slender furniture with smooth surfaces. Couches and chairs that are cloth-covered and cushioned tend to be bulky. However, if you go for a chicer design, it helps to give the room a wider appearance and free up more space.

Shine Light on the Walls

Wall washing helps to expand the boundaries in the room. It highlights different areas of your space, such as artwork and other decorations.

The best way to do this is to aim your lighting fixtures towards the wall in a nicely decorated section of the room. The ideal lights to use for wall washing is recessed lights or track lighting.

This technique also works really well for colorfully painted walls. For example, a red wall that’s adorned with a beautiful painting and light shining on it.

The objective of this method is to illuminate an appealing part of the space so that the size of the room isn’t as noticeable. It works like a charm.

How to Light a Room: Call the Pros

Hopefully these tips on how to light a room help to spark some creativity. With that in mind, if you need lights, we’ve got them. Lighting Distinctions has a wide variety of interior lighting for multiple areas of your house, from the kitchen to the home office.

We are a premier lighting solution in the San Diego area.

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