Top Ten Ideas for Lighting Your Pool

Your pool is filled and ready to go, but there’s something missing: an amazing lighting scheme.

If you’re looking to step your pool up to the next level, then utilizing outdoor lighting design will turn it into a virtual resort in your San Diego backyard.

Of course, when it comes to pool lighting ideas, there are a lot of options.

It can be daunting to figure out what will work best for your pool and yard. That’s why we put together this post on the top ten lighting ideas for your pool.

You’ll have a better sense of what options are out there, and what will make your pool area look like it was designed by an expert.

Pool Deck Lighting

Pool Lighting DesignIf you’re looking to have lights around the exterior of the pool, but you don’t want them to feel obtrusive, consider in-ground lights.

Have a professional drill into your decking, or in the pathways leading to the pool to install lights that are even with the ground.

It’s a great way to get light around your pool without creating any physical obstacles around it. You won’t have to worry about anyone running around and knocking into the lights. They’ll be safely underground!

Lights Above the Pool

Another way to have lighting that’s all over without running the risk of anyone knocking into it is to have it dangling above the pool.

Consider draping string lights across the length of the pool. They’ll light up the pool itself, as well as the pathways and surrounding areas.

Plus, string lighting is a great feature to have when hosting people in your backyard. It creates an intimate feel, while ensuring the area is lit appropriately.

Also, the reflection off the water below will always make it clear where the ground ends and the pool begins.

Floating Lights

Many pools only come with the usual deep end light installed. That can make for a poorly lit pool and pool area.

So, one immediate and easy trick is to use floating lights. They sit atop the pool water, giving the surface light, as well as the area just above the water.

They move with any movement of the water, so it gives them a cool visual appearance.

Most likely your pool water won’t be moving around like crazy, but the subtle movement of the water when the wind picks up will mean the lights move around a bit too.

It’s a great option for above ground pools as well. Just make sure the lights are water-proof, and that they are made of sturdy and safe material.

High-End Tiki Torches

The look of tiki lights conjures a tropical paradise, so why shouldn’t your backyard have that same glow? You can be immediately transported into a Hawaiian sunset whenever you step out by your pool.

However, most tiki torches you can buy at discount stores are fairly chintzy and poorly made. You can counter that by getting professional grade tiki lights installed around your pool.

They are made of high-level copper and brass, and in addition to having the traditional torch flame option. They are hard-wired into your electrical system as well.

You can choose to have the oil portion lit up for a traditional flame, or simply flick a switch for bulb illumination!

Color LED Lighting

Want a splash of color in your pool? Install LED lights in it!

They come in a variety of great colors: red, blue, white, green, magenta and more. Color tone can drastically affect the overall look of your outdoor areas.

While LED lights tend to cost more in initial price than standard fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, they are extremely energy efficient. They’ll last much longer, saving you more money in the long run.

Some systems of LED pool lights are programmable too. You can set up your lights to change colors as your mood changes, or you can program them to give you a light show to entertain your family and friends.

Coordinate Tile with Lighting Choices

Pool Lighting Design ExpertsIf you are just building your pool, it’s a great time to make tile choices that will accent your lighting.

The best tip to remember is that light color tiles tend to reflect light more than dark tiles. Dark tiles will absorb much more of the light that hits them.

So, you can use that to your advantage by arranging dark tiles and light tiles in ways that accentuate your lighting scheme.

You can create cool visual elements for your pool by placing different tone tiles in different patterns. They will pop in different ways depending on how close they are to your pool lights.

Undercap Lights

Undercap lighting is designed to create an intriguing look by casting light downward on specific structures.

For pool surroundings, this could mean one of a few things. If you have a sitting wall nearby, or a fire pit that has benches, you could use under cap lighting on them.

The light will wash downwards, highlighting the texture of whatever structure they are on. It also helps light pathways for safety without much upwards glare.

Stair Lighting

If you have any steps near your pool, they can immediately become a safety hazard when it gets dark.

So be sure to install lighting into the riser (the vertical part) of each stair. It will cast light onto each stair below it, so people will be able to clearly see where they are stepping.

Dimmer Options

Another great option to consider for all your pool area lighting is the possibility of dimming. You may not want the simple on or off choices.

Sometimes you want to create a specific mood. Other times it may be still fairly light out, but it’s nearing sunset and you’d like a little bit of lighting help without going full glare.

Having a dimming switch can give you more control over your lighting scheme.

Lighting on Water Features

If your pool has any water features, like a small waterfall, you should consider installing lights in or around it as well.

You can put a light underneath a waterfall, creating a dancing light effect, or you might install a light on a nearby tree that points directly at the waterfall.

Fun Pool Lighting Ideas 

Hopefully, this list of pool lighting ideas has given you some inspiration on where you should take your pool design.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss pool lightng options for your San Diego area home contact us today!