Add Punch to Your Pool With These Creative Lighting Ideas

Add Punch to Your Pool With These Creative Lighting Ideas

A swimming pool is one of the most expensive investments you may make in your home. Don’t let it go to waste by heading inside as soon as the sun goes down. Nighttime can still equal pool time when you’ve got the right lights on your side. Pool landscape lighting is the number one way to add ambiance to your backyard oasis and make it the retreat you likely intended. Lighting Distinctions has you covered in the most creative and professional ways of illuminating your outdoor sanctuary in the greater San Diego area.


Light the Path

Pathway lighting is designed to provide safety for those navigating your pool area after dark, but you can add interest by planning how these lights are placed. Consider the best flow of traffic for large gatherings and emphasize that path with your lighting to allow your party guests to move through the space without bumping into other guests.

In addition to directing traffic, use path lights to lead up to popular hot spots in your yard, such as the fire pit, bar, television or seating area. Guests will no longer be lost looking for these key party points.

Brighten Your Best Features

One type of LED pool lighting that can add some pop are spotlights. Unlike typical stage lights that are blinding and obtrusive, the best outdoor spotlights illuminate features with gentle, concentrated light for a soft and subtle effect. Highlight the most special parts of your outdoor pool area:

* Waterfalls

* Mosaic walls

* Waterslides

* Swim-up bars

* Grottos

A spotlight can make your favorite pool feature a focal point and ensure the most beautiful parts of your pool area don’t get lost even in the darkness.

Include Greenery

If you have trees, plants or shrubs, incorporate them into your lighting design. Illuminate your greenery to create interesting shadows across the surface of the water and highlight brightly colored plants to capture the eye and stand out against the monochromatic blues and greens.

Showcasing plant life in your pool can also create a feeling of nature. Depending on the type of greenery you have, guests may be reminded of an island getaway, a secluded creek or even a wooded forest.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

The right balance and softness of colored lighting can create a breathtaking picture. Underwater LED lights in particular will completely change the look of your pool from day to evening. Watch it go from the natural blue or green to bright hues of pink, purple, orange or any color that suits your style.

A hot tub is also the perfect place to be daring with color, since its footprint is usually small. By lighting this area with a contrasting color, you’ll create a cozy and intimate place to unwind after a challenging day.

Be Bold

Lighting doesn’t have to be utilitarian. Have fun with your pool design by incorporating lights that create flow, highlight intended focal points and add visual interest. Whether the space becomes a relaxing evening retreat or a venue for lavish get-togethers, let Lighting Distinctions help you find the right lighting to turn your backyard space into an elegant oasis.


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