Easy Introduction to LED Landscape Lighting

Easy Introduction to LED Landscape Lighting

We at Lighting Distinctions believe that you can have it all, certainly as far as lighting your house goes. You can be cost-and-energy efficient, enviably green and artfully lit with our LED lighting solutions. Whether you already use some LED lights or do not even know what LED means, you can rely on our expertise as a top San Diego LED landscape lighting contractor to provide service to the exterior and interior of your home and offer the latest technology, safety and best customer service for maintenance of your installations. Here is what you need to know.


What Is LED Landscape Lighting?

Short for light-emitting diodes, LED is a high-impact technology that produces long-lasting and ecologically sound lighting. LEDs are mercury-free, and they expend only about 20 percent of the energy used by traditional light sources but live 25 percent longer, producing big savings across the board in terms of materials, cost and energy. They produce very low heat radiation, in contrast with fluorescent and incandescent bulbs that have energy-to-heat emission rates of 80 percent and 90 percent respectively. LEDS also have lower transformer costs. They produce light in a specific direction, offering the ability to control intensity, direction and tonal range.

What Variety of Durable Designs Are Available With Great Savings in the Long Run?

We offer a great selection of lighting equipment for homes to enhance their overall safety, architectural beauty and curb appeal. Our devices are dimmable and remote controlled, and they give you the ease to operate from your phone or tablet. They come with astronomical clocks capable of detecting dawn and dusk, so you can have the lights on at the desired setting. Whether you are needing to spruce up your backyard, pathway, pool, garden or garage, we have you covered with the following types of LED lighting:

* Path Lights brighten the entrance to your home and define the boundaries of your pool and property.

* Deck and Patio Lights create artful effects, and they are powerful enough to light big spaces.

* Accent Lights produce a pleasing layout by emphasizing floral or architectural details at different power levels.

* Up Light and Down Lights can decorate your porch, garden or balcony, with easy adjustability for style and mood.

* Well Lights illumine more subtly than spot lights with the strength to withstand a vehicle or weather decay. They can be installed in concrete to light up columns.

* Underwater and Pool Lights can make waterfalls and fountains magical.

What Are Some Common Pitfalls To Avoid?

They say you get what you pay for. If you install inexpensive fixtures, they may not have adequate degrees of strength to withstand extremes of cold, heat and moisture. We use low-voltage, weatherproof equipment of the highest quality. We offer a lifetime warranty on our fixtures and transformers, and a three-year warranty on lightbulbs. Every system needs regular tuning to function optimally. Avoid neglect and service your systems every six months to tackle routine wear and tear, corrosive build-up and damaged items.

How Do You Get a Consultation and Trial?

Call us for a free consultation, for those in San Diego and the surrounding area. Our designers will visit your house and develop a personalized solution for your aesthetics and budget. At your appointment, we will install the lights at no charge to you for three days. Be LED and green, risk free, on us.

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