Carlsbad Landscape Lighting Installation Experts Discuss Seven Common Outdoor Lighting Mistakes

Carlsbad Landscape Lighting Installation Experts Discuss Seven Common Outdoor Lighting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you going to set up outdoor lights on your patio, backyard, or yard soon?

In the United States, 45% of baby boomers, 45.4% of Gen Xers, and 37% of Millennials are homeowners. If you’re a homeowner in the Carlsbad area, landscape lighting installation for your home is important. It’s a way to enhance the look of your home while ensuring enough illumination for good security. 

In the guide below, we’ll talk about the seven most common outdoor lighting mistakes. We’ve also included some ways to avoid them.

  1. Using Non-LED Lighting

LED lighting is the most popular type of light available today. There are many reasons behind this, including its sustainability and wallet-friendliness. If you have a limited outdoor lighting budget  you can get more out of your money with LED lights.

LED lights need less energy than other traditional lighting fixtures. The average annual electricity consumption of an American resident was 10,649 kWh or 877 kWh per month. LED lights are also more durable and long-lasting than other types of light fixtures. People in Carlsbad and the rest of California are good at understanding the carbon footprint they leave on the world. LED lights help make it a better place.

  1. Foregoing the Planning Phase

Another problem most homeowners face is the lack of a proper plan for their outdoor lighting. They often jump to the buying and installation phase right away. If you don’t make a plan for your outdoor lighting you may end up with an unorganized and inefficient layout.

Assess your home and your landscape. Observe it during the day, at night, and in between. Consult a lighting expert or landscaping professional in the Carlsbad area if you want to be sure. 

  1. Having Too Much or Too Little Outdoor Lighting 

Getting the right amount of lighting for your property is quite tricky. It can make you feel a lot like Goldilocks, always trying to find the combination that’s “just right.” 

Not having enough lights in the yard is one of the most common outdoor lighting mistakes. It poses a danger because it keeps you blind from obstructions, like pools. It’s also a security risk in that it can attract burglars to your home.

The solution is to add more lights to get the most out of your outdoor security lights.

Overdoing your lighting can also be expensive and create disturbances because of the glare. You or your neighbors may lose sleep from the unnecessary lighting too. If you’re using too many lights, consider reducing or distributing them to other, less-lit areas of your property.

  1. Buying Light Fixtures That Aren’t Compatible with the Building Size

Does your patio lighting feel out of place? If so, you likely chose an incompatible lighting fixture. Remember, certain fixtures best match specific building or landscape sizes. 

The next time you shop for a light fixture for your home or landscape, choose more carefully. If you’re unsure about how well the fixture will blend in, consider consulting an expert. You can also check online how landscape designers use certain light fixtures.

  1. Setting up Mismatched Color Temperatures 

Some people mix the colors of their outdoor lights to create a mood or specific look for their exterior. You don’t want to do this all the time, especially if there’s no reason or occasion for it. Using mismatched color temperatures can make your outdoor lighting look messy and uneven.

Instead, make sure that the light temperatures are in sync with each other. Avoid mixing color temperatures in one area. If you want to use a variety of colors in your outdoor lighting, assign each one to different areas.

For example, use a red or warm lighting color to mimic candlelight or firelight in a dining area. To imitate moonlight use a 4100K light fixture. In general, the best choice is the 3500K range, which radiates soft white brightness. 

  1. Using the Lights in the Day or Having Too Little Contrast

One of the reasons why your front porch lighting may seem overdone is that you lack contrast. It can make your lighting look too simple and monotonous.

You can fix this by laying different types of light. For example, you can create accents on trees or columns with spotlighting. Add soft wash lights on the facade of your home to create soft and broad light.

Hide some light fixtures, while allowing others to better stand out. If you don’t know how to “hide” your light fixtures, consider hiring an expert from the Carlsbad area. It’s common for an outdoor lighting installation service to have experience in layering outdoor lights.

  1. Creating a Repetitive Outdoor Lighting Design

Many homeowners fall victim to a repetitive outdoor lighting design. It creates a boring and simple look. If you have great LED lights, your exterior can still look flat if you keep using the same lighting design.

You can make your exterior lighting unique through different light fixtures. For example, the fixtures around the house and on the paths can be two different light models. It creates a more sophisticated look without relying on too many lights.

Using a wide variety of lighting designs, as appropriate, will change your property’s atmosphere. If you want to emulate a more romantic ambiance, look for fixtures that help accomplish this task. Once you do, place it on a specific part of your yard to highlight its romantic purpose.

Illuminate the Exterior of Your Carlsbad Home in the Best Way

It can be hard to light the landscape and home exterior, especially if you don’t know the lighting design. We hope that with this guide, you can avoid or correct these outdoor lighting mistakes. Remember to consult lighting experts if you’re still unsure. 

Are you looking for a company near Carlsbad that can help you with your lighting needs? Whether you need exterior or interior lighting help, seek Lighting Distinctions. Feel free to send us your questions via our contact page or request a free consultation today.