Eight Benefits of Outdoor Security Lights for Homeowners from Encinitas Residential Outdoor Lighting Experts

Eight Benefits of Outdoor Security Lights for Homeowners from Encinitas Residential Outdoor Lighting Experts

Outdoor security lighting is one of the most effective ways to deter burglars and intruders from entering your home. Installing these lights around your property can also provide a sense of safety and peace of mind for you and your family.

Our Residential Outdoor Lighting Experts are here to tell you all the benefits that come with having outdoor security lights installed in or around your home.

From increased visibility, improved energy efficiency, enhanced curb appeal, added convenience, cost savings and more. There’s no reason not to invest in outdoor lighting today!


Illuminate Your Encinitas Address

One way to use security lights is to brighten up the address sign by your front door. Through this, it’ll be much easier for you or a food delivery driver to find your home. In fact, any additional outdoor illumination can even make your neighborhood safer.

This isn’t only because lighting allows pedestrians to see, it’s because any prospective intruders are put off by anything that undermines their ability to remain stealthy. Through bright lighting and security functioning, outdoor security lights will do just that.


What better way to set an ambiance than with some mood lighting? Luckily, for anyone that’s got a decent security lighting budget, doing that and protecting their home is a pretty good deal.

If you want the usual soft glow that’s associated with the concept of ambiance, then opt for downlight wall sconces. They’ll provide soft, even illumination across your yard’s walls that guests and residents will bask in.

For quirkier homeowners, something like neon LED lighting is bound to excite you. No matter what, there’s no reason that outdoor security lighting can’t be fun through aesthetic design.

Ward Off Burglars

The reason burglars tend to strike at the dead of night is because people’s defenses are lowered when they’re asleep. However, with a home security system and a sign that announces it, the common thief will be thoroughly discouraged.

Positioning security lighting by all entrances will perk up the suspicions of potential thieves. They might not want their giant shadow spilling all over your property to be seen by everyone in Encinitas, or might suspect that there’s a security camera in the mix. Either way, outdoor security lights guarantee that your chances of a home robbery are as slim as possible.


If you worked hard on your landscaping, then you’ll want to optimize the atmosphere you’ve created. Installing security lights throughout your yard is a great way to do that.

Outdoor lighting can provide crucial night ambiance, highlighting your yard’s best landscaping features. Incorporating security lights into the mix of outdoor lighting sources can do two things: provide security and look great.

Both quality landscaping and a tight security system can increase property value. With outdoor security lighting you can double the offer you get from future homeowners.

Motion Sensors

Speaking of adding functionality, homeowners in Encinitas can also expand their lighting’s security features with motion sensors. While you could stick a motion sensor on any old surface, they’re especially useful when attached to security lighting.

Sure, intruders will avoid lighting, though with some models they don’t need to be in the light’s view to trigger the motion sensors. However, for any guests finding your front entrance for the first time, motion sensors can help. They’ll alert you of their presence, allowing you to prepare yourself for your hosting duties.

Eliminate Tripping Hazards

Darkness is still darkness, even if it’s right out your back door. Even if the tripping hazards are in your own backyard, they’re not any less dangerous.

That’s why security lights come with great brightness capability.  Homeowners can ask professionals servicing their security lighting for models with controllable brightness settings.

Many homeowners will place outdoor lighting around pathways that already provide reliable, flat surfaces to walk on. Otherwise, residents and guests might fumble around and potentially trip, cutting themselves on unpolished stone or falling in a water feature.


Despite how clinical “security” can sound, there are plenty of different styles for lights. From over lights to even glass lanterns, there’s a security lighting style for anyone that cares about both design and safety.

No matter your aesthetic preference, there’s a way to incorporate outdoor lighting to it. If you’re worried about how security lighting is going to make your yard look, think about the way some ground spotlights will both modernize your space and boost its security.

Positioning is also crucial for security outdoor lighting to look seamless.  A skilled Encinitas lighting professional will know exactly how to design a lighting blueprint so that your yard is secure and looks fantastic.

Timed Lighting

Security lighting has every benefit that normal lighting does, including the option to time when the lights will turn on or off. With a timed lighting feature, homeowners don’t have to set daily reminders to turn on their security lights.

They can carry on with their usual nightly routine, knowing that timed, automated lighting ensures that a night of forgetfulness doesn’t threaten your property’s security.

Use Outdoor Security Lights for Security and Style at Your Home in Encinitas

Thefts haven’t stopped, and there’s no expectation that they will. Whether you live alone or with your loving family in the Encinitas area, security is important. With a security system that uses outdoor security lights, you can provide you and your loved ones both protection and illumination.

At Lighting Distinctions, we’re reminded every day that security is important. So, if you’d like a security outdoor lighting installation done by professionals who care, contact us today. We’ll expand upon your outdoor lighting vision, providing both the protection and luminosity that you need from us.


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