Unique Residential Exterior Lighting

Unique Residential Exterior Lighting

Take your San Diego outdoor home lighting design to the next level with Lighting Distinctions. Exterior residential lighting doesn’t need to be simple and boring. Since your home is an extension of you and your family, you deserve an outdoor lighting system that’s truly unique. Rather than using a store-bought lighting kit that claims to be one-size-fits-all, trust our designers and installers to create something that’s one-of-a-kind.


Unique Exterior Lighting Ideas for Your San Diego Home

Here are just a few examples of what we can do for your San Diego home:

  • Implement spotlights to highlight your trees, shrubbery, walls, and sculptures.
  • Experiment with shadows and effects to strike the right balance.
  • Wrap string lights around your trees.
  • Place underwater lighting in your fountains, pools, or waterfalls to create stunning displays.

This is just a taste of what we’re capable of doing. When we see your outdoor space during your complimentary consultation, we’ll come up with more creative and original ideas for your unique environment.

Outdoor Lighting Services

Our exterior lighting options include:

We strive for perfection in every aspect of our work from design to installation. You can browse the outdoor lighting section of our website to see pictures of our lighting systems. We look forward to creating something beautiful just for you!

Where to Start With Your Outdoor and Landscape Lighting

Depending on your goals and budget, your outdoor landscape lighting in San Diego may not be completed all at once. You can schedule individual sections of your property at different times, but there are key areas that need your attention first.

Targeting them for immediate upgrades improves the beauty and safety of your home.

Below are some areas around your home where you can start.

Upgrade Entrances

Front, side or back doors benefit from strategically placed lighting. Not only will you feel safer, but you’ll also see visitors much better from the inside. The extra illumination can also discourage intruders.

Brighten Walkways

Path and walkway lighting can cut back on injuries from tripping and falling. You’ll also give your guests a clearer route to your home’s entrances and other exterior spaces. 

Safer Stairs

Stairways can be safety hazards in and of themselves, so it makes sense to illuminate them. Step lights and path lighting are ideal solutions for this problem.

Protect Pools and Ponds

Unattended open bodies of water can be inviting lures for trespassers, children or pets. Reduce your liability and enhance safety with lighting around pools, ponds or fountains on your property. 

Learn More About Your Options

 Whether it’s interior or exterior home lighting in the San Diego area, Lighting Distinctions has you covered. Get started on an upgrade plan today by requesting a consultation through our convenient online form.

What Is Color-Changing Lighting?

If you’ve been considering smartening up your home in San Diego or the surrounding area, you’ve probably heard about color-changing LEDs. These RGB lighting systems can transform the interior or exterior of your home. These intelligent color-changing systems provide you with controllable light for everything from dynamic accents to intricate light shows.

How They Work

Here at Lighting Distinctions, we use LEDs for color-changing purposes rather than standard, incandescent lights. The reason for this is because of the versatility LEDs offer. LED bulbs come in various colors and features. For example, we have bulbs that subtly fade from one color to the next or have the capability to adjust the brightness.

Applications of Color-Changing Lighting

Some popular uses of color-changing LEDs include:

  • Highlighting landscapes or architecture with LED spotlights
  • Making a bar area even more lively
  • Adding a playful element to your child’s bedroom
  • Brightening up your living room
  • Using for a holiday party

From indoor illuminations to LED exterior lighting, there are so many possibilities.

Whether you want striking colors or subtle shades, our lighting designers can create the right system for you. We can create and implement LED lighting systems with accurate and vivid color quality. If you have any questions about our LED lights, feel free to contact us or call 760-525-4405.


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