Make Your Gaming Room Pop with Creative Lighting

Make Your Gaming Room Pop with Creative Lighting

When you imagine a gaming setup, what do you picture in your mind? You most likely see a dark room with dim, colorful lights surrounding the computer desk and ceiling.
If you follow some of the most popular gamers online, then you’ve most likely seen what their gaming setups look like. Are you trying to achieve your own unique setup that’ll blow your fellow gamers away? If you do, then you’re going to need a few creative lighting ideas.
Game room lights aren’t your typical house lights. If you install lighting in your gaming room as you would in another room in your San Diego area house, you’ll create a glare on your screen or make it harder to see what’s on it. Instead, you need gaming lights to help you create the best lighting for gaming.
Are you ready to turn your gaming room into a gaming oasis? Here is how you can get started.

Decide on Your Colors

Step one is determining what colors you want to use. The colors you use will have a big impact on your gaming experience. Different colors bring out different moods, so what type of mood do you like to be in while playing?

Would you rather be relaxed, energized, excited, or something else? LED lights can come in a variety of colors. Some great gaming light colors are red, green, and blue.

If you can’t decide on one, then get creative and incorporate all the different colors into your gaming setup. You can have red surrounding your desk, blue outlining the ceiling, and green highlighting different features in the room.

Invest in Dimmable Lights

Dimmable LED lights are a must for any gamer’s room. Dimmable lights allow you to use your gaming room as you please. If you need lights for whatever reason, you can set the lights to the brightest setting.

When you’re ready to start gaming on your computer or tv, you can then choose to dim the lights to a setting that allows you to see what your hands are doing, but not cause a glare on the screen.

Create Luxury with Backlights

Backlights create a luxurious feel. You’ll want to install these lights on the back of your monitors and other devices or equipment at your desk. Backlighting is a great choice for a gaming room because it brings light to the area without interfering with the screen.

The lights will cast their colors on the wall behind your equipment and the desk below. This type of lighting won’t shine on the actual pieces of equipment, but rather create a shadow of light.

Raise the Lights with Cove Lighting

Cove lighting will project a soft light onto either the ceiling or the floor. This makes it ideal for a gaming room. The light won’t interfere with your gaming experience, but it will give you enough light to see around the room and see what you’re doing.

With this indirect lighting you won’t be able to see the actual lights. You’ll only see the light they give off either on your floor or ceiling. These lights are installed under or on top of ledges, or built into recesses.

The ambiance they create works well with any gamer’s room, and different colors can be chosen as well.

Use Plenty of Task Lights

You can never go wrong with multiple task lights. Task lights are ideal for gamers because they allow you to work on small tasks at your desk. They’re bright enough, so you won’t have to leave your gaming room to complete certain tasks.

Once you’re done using the lights, you can then turn them off and go back into gamer mode. To make things even more stylish, you can even consider using touch-free lighting that operates by sound, motion, or with the use of an app on your cell phone.

Highlight Your Gamer’s Art 

Most gamers enjoy hanging their favorite gamer-themed art pieces in their gaming room. Maybe you have a few posters framed or other cool gaming visuals based on your favorite games. If you’re going to hang art in your gaming room, then you need to highlight your gamer’s art.

Art lighting is placed behind the artwork. The light projects onto the wall behind it and highlights the art. Most gamers game with the main light off and only use their gaming lights, which helps keep the room dark for optimal gaming.

With the main light off, however, you won’t be able to see all of your awesome artwork on the walls. With the use of art lighting, you’ll be able to keep your gaming room dark while still enjoying your favorite artwork.

Draw Attention to Your Shelves

The artwork on the wall isn’t the only type of decoration you have in your gaming room, is it? You have shelves with the best game characters on them. Maybe you have some figures or other fun characters hanging around on your shelves.

They shouldn’t be left in the dark either. Shelf lighting will draw attention to these favorite characters in your dark gaming room. Consider laying the shelves for the best result.

How Will You Use Creative Lighting in Your Gamer’s Setup?

All gaming rooms need creative lighting to build the best gaming setup. Gaming rooms are nothing like any other room in the house. They require a dark room with different soft game lights spread throughout.

Does your gaming room need a new light setup? You can turn your gaming room into a gaming oasis today.

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