Interior Art Lighting

Interior Art Lighting – Create the Perfect Presentations Throughout Your Home

Interior Art lighting is both an art and a science. Selecting the right lighting fixture is an art. Installing the fixture and tuning the light is a science.

Every artistic element in your San Diego home puts both art and science into play. A statuette in a dining room alcove may require a lamp embedded tastefully in the keystone. A priceless painting in an ornately carved teak frame may best be served by an attractive ceiling-mounted fixture. A bronze sculpture highlighting your entryway may call for multiple sources of illumination. A 1925 art deco light-colored leather armchair has its own special lighting needs.

Every piece of art was thoughtfully selected by you and your family. All are incredible fine art. The lighting for each piece deserves the same level of attention. Lighting Distinctions has experience in Interior Art Lighting and the perfect fixture for each piece of art. And, we have the experts who will assist in designing the perfect art lighting to create the displays you deserve.