Cove Lighting

Cove Lighting – enhance aesthetics of your room with indirect lighting

Cove Lighting refers to indirect or concealed lighting built into recesses or ledges. The effect that you create is a soft light reflected off the ceiling or floor. Therefore, these lights are high on walls or ceilings or very low towards the ground. A new generation of LEDs provides a range of color and intensity that allows for a perfect cove light effect in all applications. Hence, you create the desired look and feel while also saving on electricity.

Lighting Distinctions has ample of experience in the application and installation of interior lighting in and around the San Diego area. Therefore, whether you would like to light up an area within a room or a hallway, contact Lighting Distinctions for their advice.

Cove Lighting Styles

Cove lights come in various styles and generations, from 1920s art deco beige to futuristic blue. Whatever the style of your personal environment, we enhance it with perfect indirect lighting. Also, while the lights may be concealed, it creates the desired atmosphere.