LED Landscape Lighting Tips to Create the Outdoor Space You Want in La Jolla

LED Landscape Lighting Tips to Create the Outdoor Space You Want in La Jolla

American art production totaled more than $900 billion in 2019. 

Yet that doesn’t mean all art is treated equally. When you buy a piece of art you have to spend some time thinking about how you want to present it. 

Where should you position your light fixture and artwork display? What are some concepts for lights you have to consider? Can you use sunlight in any way?  

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Did you know that burglars actively avoid homes with landscape lighting? 

Apart from the beauty and aesthetic appeal they come with, LED landscape lighting is an excellent security feature for your property. Landscape lighting is certainly a need for anyone in La Jolla that values security, but it is far from the only reason why you need it. Let’s look at landscape lighting tips that will help you with placement and overall effectiveness. 

There are several landscape lighting ideas you can utilize, all of which will have different effects. In this post, we have gathered some of the best LED landscape lighting options to make it easy for you to create the perfect outdoor space. 

Create a Focal Point 

Your landscape lighting should highlight the important parts of your outdoor space. This doesn’t mean you need to light up every inch of your lawn. By choosing key areas such as corners, patios or trees, will make them stand out. 

You can place these lights in between the shrubs and flowers where they won’t be visible from afar. It’s best to make an interesting arrangement for path lighting, which will serve a double purpose by lighting your garden walkway and creating a lovely display at the same time. 

Use Up lights and Add Layers 

Uplighting is often overlooked but can be a very effective lighting technique. By placing light sources at the base of trees or structures, you can create an enchanting effect as the light shines up towards it. This is a perfect idea if you want to create drama and add a layer of intrigue to your outdoor space in La Jolla. 

Additionally, just like in your interior design, you want to create layers of light in your landscape lighting as well. This strategy will add interest and depth to the space. 

You can do this by using different types of lights such as spotlights, path lights and up lights. It’s also important to vary the height of lights to create an intriguing effect. 

Accentuate with Spotlights, But Avoid Glare 

If you want to focus on a particular area or object in your outdoor space, spotlights are your savior. They do a great job at emphasizing features and making them more prominent. 

For example, if you have a beautiful statue or water feature in your garden, spotlighting it at night will make it the star attraction. 

You’ll want to avoid using too many bright or intense lights in your landscape lighting design, as it can cause problems with visibility when you’re out at night. 

For example, if you are looking to spotlight some trees, you don’t want them facing towards the house since they would create a glare for people inside and act as an obstruction. 

Use Color to Your Advantage 

One of the best landscape lighting tips is to add color to your overall design. If you want a more serene and tranquil feel, then use cool white lights. 

On the other hand, adding a few amber lights will give it a warm ambiance that is perfect for entertaining guests or just enjoying some quiet time yourself outdoors at your La Jolla home. 

Landscape lighting is great for parties because it can be used as mood lighting to set the right tone for whatever occasion you are hosting. There are numerous colors when it comes to landscape lighting options, so you’ll have any color option you can think of. 

Show Off Your Garden Features 

One thing about outdoor spaces is that they often contain key architectural elements like pillars and enclosures. These features tend to disappear when it gets dark outside. 

Lights can bring these “invisible” parts into focus by highlighting their edges and drawing attention to them. You can either use a few strategically placed lights or opt for a more dramatic effect by using floodlights. 

Use Timers and Sensors 

One of the great things about landscape lighting is that it doesn’t have to be on all the time. 

In fact, you can save energy and money by using timers and sensors to control when they turn on and off. This way, you can have beautiful illumination whenever you want without having to worry about wasting electricity. 

Use Multiple Lights 

If you have a large yard or garden, then it would be ideal to use several types of lights instead of just one type. For instance, you can use both up and downlights to highlight a tree or potted flowers. 

This way, you’ll be able to create a more enhanced effect and make your landscape lighting look its best. If you need extra illumination for an outdoor event such as parties, fire pits, etc., then floodlights are the perfect choice for such scenarios. 

Place Lights at Different Heights 

When it comes to landscape lighting, height is an important consideration. 

You should mix and match lights of different heights for a more aesthetically pleasing look for your lighting design in La Jolla. This can be done by installing low-voltage lights near the ground and high-voltage halogen or LED lamps in trees or on rooftops. 

Place Lighting Near Pathways 

If you want to use your garden at night, be sure to place some lighting near the pathways. This will ensure that you won’t trip and fall while walking around in the dark. 

It would also be a good idea to install some motion detectors near the pathway entrances so that the light turns on automatically as soon as someone enters their range. 

The Secrets to Perfect Outdoor Lighting in La Jolla 

These are just some of the landscape lighting ideas you can use to create the perfect outdoor lighting strategy. If you follow these simple landscaping light tips you’ll be able to create an outdoor space that looks vibrant and beautiful even after dark. 

It’s always better to plan well in advance what type of lights are suitable for your outdoor space, so that once installed, they serve their purpose perfectly. Of course, you could always speak to a lighting design expert in La Jolla, too. 

Did you like these outdoor landscape lighting tips? Would you finally like to install landscape lighting in your home? If so, please give us a call today and we’ll be more than glad to discuss landscape lighting options that would suit your home. 

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