Carlsbad Lighting Experts Discuss How to Choose the Perfect Lighting for Your Bedroom

Carlsbad Lighting Experts Discuss How to Choose the Perfect Lighting for Your Bedroom

The average American will spend 36 years in their lifetime lying around in their bed. Interestingly enough, four in ten Americans said that they got up from bed and moved to another piece of furniture in their house because they couldn’t fall asleep.  

If you suffer from this issue as well, one easy way you could ensure that your bedroom is welcoming and easy to fall asleep in, is to have cozy lighting. There are a lot of modern bedroom lighting design options out there. Below, we will outline some lighting ideas to ease your bedroom woes at your Carlsbad home.  

Think About Layering Your Bedroom Lighting 

Your bedroom is the space where you relax and chill out. It is also a space where you could potentially answer some work emails, read a book, and have an important conversation with your partner. This is why you will want to ensure your bedroom is ready for all lighting situations. 

Layer three different kinds of lighting options to ensure you are covered. 

  • Ambient Lighting – Useful for daily tasks, like getting ready in the morning or looking for something in the room, usually in the form of a pendant light or ceiling light 
  • Task Lighting – Useful for particular tasks, like reading a book or finding something in your wardrobe, usually located at your bedside or wardrobes  
  • Accent Lighting – Useful for highlighting certain areas of your bedroom, like pieces of art 

Layering these three kinds of lights perfectly will ensure you have a bedroom filled with cozy ambiance and warm functionality. 

You Don’t Always Have to Go for the Bold Lighting Option 

When you are thinking about lighting for your foyer or dining area at your Carlsbad home, you might want to go for a bright, bold and big option, but that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to bedroom lighting.  

In reality, you want to select something that doesn’t stand out. Something that can disappear into the woodwork (or wallpaper) and still give you enough lighting. 

Also, you want to ensure that your lighting doesn’t take up too much space in your bedroom, overshadowing everything else.  

Wall lights or small pendants are a great alternative, especially for smaller bedrooms. These options need all the space they can get, so they don’t appear cluttered or stifling. Floor lights with adjustable arms are also a great option to consider. 

Use Fabric Shades on Your Lamps to Create Ambience 

If you thought lamps are for old-timers or fuddy-duddy castles, you are sorely mistaken. Bedroom lighting should include some kind of lamp somewhere.  

However, you don’t want your lamp to shine bright light into your eyes and make your bedroom feel like it’s a fashion catwalk.  

Think about using soft, silky fabric shades to dampen the brightness of your lamp and to make it feel like you are in a cozy little cocoon. Changing up the fabric colors will give your bedroom a whole new ambiance and also allow you to feel like you are an interior decorating maven on the cheap.  

Have Correct Placement of Light Switches 

You have probably seen some poorly planned out bedrooms around Carlsbad when you were looking to buy a new home. The most annoying thing about a bedroom that’s not thought out properly has to be the positioning of light switches. Who hasn’t switched off the bedroom light by the door and then had to walk back to their bed in the darkness, fumbling, falling, and worrying the whole time? 

Make sure you have light switches placed, not only next to the door, but also next to the bed on each side. This way your partner will not have to roll over to your side every time they have to switch off the light if you are not around.  

It would also be highly convenient if you could have separate lighting for each side of the bed, with separate switches. This way your partner can read in peace, even if you have the desire to fall asleep. Their light won’t bother you and keep you awake, as it’s only bright enough to fall over a small perimeter.  

If you can, add in some dimmer switches next to your bed. This way you can adjust your bedroom lighting according to your needs and tasks, again without getting up out of your warm cozy bed.  

Don’t Use Bright Jarring Lights in Your Bedroom 

There’s no need to have extremely bright lighting in your bedroom, unless you are living in a studio apartment where your bedroom doubles as your workroom and living area. 

Even then, having the option to dim down the lights in the evening is essential. This way your body, and particularly your pineal gland, can get the signal and start producing melatonin to start the sleep cycle right. 

Of course, you should be doing a digital detox every night before bed. This way you don’t look at blue light devices right up until you fall asleep. It could affect your sleep cycle adversely. 

Having cozy lighting in your bedroom will help you fall asleep faster. 

Cozy Lighting Ideas for Your Perfect Bedroom in Carlsbad 

The cozy lighting ideas mentioned above are the beginning of a long and restful journey in your bedroom. If you are going to be spending seven hours a day sleeping and four additional hours puttering about, reading, and hanging out in your bedroom, then you want to ensure your design is as cozy and inviting as possible. 

Contact Lighting Distinctions to learn about some modern lighting tips for your bedroom today. Whether it’s for interior or exterior lighting, we are ready to help you with all your lighting needs. 

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