Adding Style and Security with Exterior House Lights in Cielo Village, CA

Adding Style and Security with Exterior House Lights in Cielo Village, CA

Did you know that 34% of burglars gain access to a home via the front door? It’s clear the front door of a property is the weakest link in its protection. 

For this reason it goes without saying that exterior house lights for your front door is a vital issue for any homeowner in the Cielo Village area. 

We all want to feel safe when we arrive home, and welcoming exterior lighting eliminates the need to fumble in the dark for our keys. Selecting the appropriate front door lighting not only contributes to a sense of security but also improves curb appeal and provides a warm greeting to any visitor.  

Find out what your alternatives are below. 

Lights to Choose for Your Front Door Lighting  

This may seem obvious, but because your front door lights will be positioned outside, you must choose fittings that are made for outdoor use. Even if you have a porch on your home in Cielo Village and your front door is protected, moisture and humidity can still affect the lights. 

You’ll notice that LED lights are labeled with an IP number. This number consists of two digits: 

  • The first number informs you how much protection against dust you will get  
  • The second number mentions the level of moisture protection provided 

It’s the second digit that is more significant for exterior lights. Looking for fittings with an IP43 or above would be an excellent place to start. Of course, if you live within five miles of the sea, you may wish to consider a higher grade of lighting for more moisture protection. 

Style and Finish of Your Front Door Lighting: Which to Use? 

When installing front door lights you should consider the fittings’ visual look, style and finish. This is to ensure that they complement the architectural style of the front of your Cielo Village property. In addition, when viewed from a distance your outdoor lighting should be large enough to be noticeable as an attractive feature.  

Here are a few pointers and suggestions to assist you. 

One Light to the Side of the Front Door 

The size of your fitting should be calculated by the size of your front door. The height of the light should be approximately one-third from the top of the door. 

A single fixture is effective when space is an issue and there is no overhead surface. Choose a fixture that matches your house style.  

For more security, it is a good idea to hang it on the doorknob side for a well-lit view of who is at your door. 

Flanking Lights Either Side of the Front Door 

The symmetry of two sconces flanking a front door is pleasing to the eye. It also creates an intriguing and inviting atmosphere. 

Ceiling Flush-Mount Front Door Lighting 

If you don’t have enough space on one or either side of your front door for a light fixture, consider installing one above the doorway on the ceiling instead. You will want to put it in a location that allows plenty of light to shine above the door and onto the rest of the porch of your house in Cielo Village.  

Emphasize Your House Number with Lighting 

Have you ever driven up and down a road looking for a house number? It can be very frustrating! Why not consider installing a strategically placed light above or below your house number for all to see. 

It is a helpful addition for visitors and delivery people alike. 

Light the Pathway to Your Front Door 

Porch lighting placement is very important. If your front door opens into a long, narrow entryway, it’s a good idea to add more lighting. Do not rely entirely on the lighting provided by the door itself. 

Add lighting to your pathway by adding a light or two at strategic locations along the path leading to your front door. 

Lighting Steps to Your Front Door 

If your porch or front door has steps either up or down to your front door, it is a good idea to have extra lighting. Add lights at the sides or back of each step. 

This is not just a safety feature but also gives your entranceway ambiance. 

Garage Door Lighting Adjacent to Your Front Door 

There are numerous advantages to placing exterior garage lights on your Cielo Village property. These include: 

  • Increased curb appeal 
  • Better lighting which deters break-ins 
  • Improved visibility of your yard and driveway and its surroundings 
  • Increased security for your family and visitors 

It would be best if you first decided how much lighting you want. You will need to take the size of your garage into account and the number of doors.  

Standing at the bottom of your driveway or across the street at sunset is one of the best ways to make this decision. Doing this allows you to determine the appropriate amount of lighting you require and the number of lights that will be visually appealing. 

If you’re still unsure about how many lights you’ll need, here are a few hints. 

Single Car Garage 

You can place one light on the side of your garage door that is closest to your front walkway. You can also choose to have a light on either side of the door as an alternative. 

If you have a double door in your single garage, you might want to consider installing lighting on the right, left, and center. If you require a brighter illumination source, a small floodlight is also an excellent choice. 

Double or Three Car Garage 

Larger garages should have a minimum of one light on either side of each door. If there is a gap between garage doors, make sure there are lights at both edges of the building and in between each door. 

Let Your Lights Shine for Peace of Mind of Your Cielo Village Home 

With proper front door lighting you can create a warm, safe, and welcome entry for your family and visitors in Cielo Village.   

Because there are so many different types and finishes to pick from, you may feel a little overwhelmed. Instead, use the design of your entrance door and the architecture of your property as inspiration for your exterior lighting.  

Do you need exterior or interior lighting? Contact us for your lighting needs. Whether outdoors or indoors, we have the knowledge and expertise to light up your home and create the atmosphere you want. 

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