Exterior Home Lighting Design

How to Light the Exterior of Your Home and Why It’s Important

First impressions are essential, which is why proper home presentation is paramount. Just as interior lighting highlights your style, the right outdoor house lights play a significant role in ensuring your house looks the best it can.

Your landscape lighting design affects how attractive and welcoming your house will be to guests.

Outdoor lighting is a beautiful accessory for your home, making it feel more personalized and finished. Once the lights come on, they give the home a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Choosing the appropriate outdoor house lights and layering them the right way will help you create an outdoor masterpiece that brings your house and landscaping to life.

Things to Consider for Outdoor House Lights

Whether you choose to use colored lights to give your home a sensational, but a dramatic look, or just adding a line of light low on a garden wall, outdoor house up lighting could always benefit from a few more additions of lighting options. Make the decision based on your style, size of the home, and how much you use the house’ exterior.

Here’s how to light up the exterior of your house.

Start with Task Lighting

Outdoor Lighting in San DiegoTask lighting should be your priority once you set your goal for outdoor house lights. It involves illuminating pathways and entrances. If your fixtures are open to the elements, get a wet-rated fixture.

A damp-rated light will work with a fully covered porch.

Many bright lights outside the house ensure security by discouraging would-be burglars. Make use of LED light bulbs to light the outside your house and control them using a remote. In addition, you can use motion sensor outdoor lights, taking into account size and distance control.

It is all about the location when it comes to security lighting. Make sure to light up the front of the house, garage, and driveway. Installation of motion sensor lights make sure the light does not bother you, or the neighbors, unless there is activity outside your home.

Think About Your Scale

For your fixtures to have an appealing look, it is important that you consider the size of the space. It will help in determining the size and shape of the fixture, as well as the number of watts of the bulb to use.

  • Wall Sconces: A sconce should be 25 percent of your door’s height. However, to avoid guesswork, cut out the rough size of the light and place it up to get the visuals.
  • Surface Mounts and Pendants: To get the overall length and scale, blow a balloon and hang it from a string.
  • Watts: If the bulbs will be in glass protection, get 75 – 100 watts. However, if it is an exposed lightbulb, get a minimum of 60 watts.

Less is More

Overdoing lighting will not make it unique. It is important that you take time to focus your outside house lights to features such as landscaping, walkways, and doorways. Lighting is also a way to accentuate the elements of your home you love most.

Check from the inside how the outdoor features you want to emphasize looks. It will help you determine how many lights you will require.

Use LED Lights

In addition to being energy savers, you will also never have to change these light bulbs. Solar powered and motion-sensor lights are another great choice for saving energy, which in turn, will save you money in the long run.

The Importance of Outdoor House Lights

Outdoor Lighting in San DiegoThere are many reasons why functioning outdoor lights are beneficial. Even when you are planning how you want to set up your landscape lighting, you will discover that there are still benefits you had not considered. If you are undecided on whether or not to consider lighting, here are some of the benefits to consider.


It is the number one reason people choose outdoor house lighting. You will want to install lights outside your house for the times when you have your family and friends over for a get-together, or a BBQ on the lawn. Also, if you like enjoying evenings alone on your balcony, you should get proper lighting to be able to do just that.


Part of the reason you require exterior lighting is to prevent injuries. It prevents the danger of someone tripping and falling while on your property and getting hurt, or even suing you for compensation. Concentrate on places that are prone to traffic, such as outdoor seating spots, pools, and decks.


The right lighting choice can be another part of landscaping for many people. It helps emphasize certain aspects of your landscape design and provides the right amount of aesthetic value. To customize to your unique preferences, consider mood lighting or lighting you can regulate by dimming according to the atmosphere you want to generate.

Curb Appeal

Landscape Lighting DesignJust as correct lighting can accentuate what you would like to be seen, the right placement can divert focus from what you do not want to be noticed. Utilize exterior lighting to make the right features of your landscape and house pop.

It will take the eye from what you would rather not expose to the public. Here, you need an expert to help you decide the best placement.

Property Value

Any activities you undertake to improve your home will also add property value. Therefore, the first upfront investment on your landscape lighting will yield an immediate return by raising the value of your property. If you ever decide to sell your property, you will enjoy this extra value.


As mentioned earlier, outdoor lights are a bonus when it comes to security measures. Criminals are always looking for places that they won’t be easily seen. Obviously, a home resembling a Christmas tree won’t be the best target.

If you do not prefer bright lights outside your home, consider using motion lights.

Functional Outdoor Lights Provide a Relaxing Atmosphere That is Safe, Secure, and Fun

Home exterior lights are equally as important as interior lighting. It also greatly affects the whole look of your property, which is why it is important to plan where to set the lights. The kind of lighting you choose is also crucial to your garden’s appearance.

Nowadays, there are so many varieties of lighting ideas. You need to choose the right one that will be suitable for your exterior.

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