How to Choose the Best Outdoor Lighting Color Temperature for Exterior House Lights

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Lighting Color Temperature for Exterior House Lights

Did you know lighting can impact your mood? 

Depending on the type of lighting you opt for, it can make or break how you feel within a particular space. 

The best exterior house lights are bright enough to help illuminate walkways and keep people safe, while not being so bright it’s hard to relax after a long day. Finding the right balance is crucial if you want your patio to feel like a mini oasis. 

Let’s go over the different color temperature options and which one might be the best fit for your home in Vista. 

What is Color Temperature? 

Before we dive into the lighting options you have for your Vista home, let’s review what exactly color temperature is. It’s a term that explains what color a bulb will give off when it’s turned on. 

The colors are depicted in degrees Kelvin (K). One important thing to know is the lower the number is, the warmer the light will be. 

Why Does Color Temperature Matter? 

Many people think being particular about your lighting is a waste of time, but they’re wrong. The color temperature of your lighting scheme can impact more than just the overall feeling of a specific area. 

It can also determine how safe an area is based on how well lit the lighting makes it. You might even be able to use fewer lights depending on the color range you opt for. 

Different lighting colors change the appearance of colors in a space. They can create large shadows, make colors look darker or lighter than they are, and overall ruin your carefully designed space. 

Taking the time to understand the different types of lighting, and how they will come across will help you take your patio to the next level with a tiny decision. 

2000-3000K Lighting 

The lights within this range produce an amber/white light that feels cozy and warm.  

It’s a great option if you’re looking to create a relaxing and intimate feeling space for people to enjoy in your Vista home. Because of this, it’s a popular choice for outdoor spaces and decorative outdoor lighting in general. 

It creates enough light for people to see and find their way around without being so harsh it feels unnatural. Many people view this as the best outdoor lighting color because if you choose the right color within the range, it’s the perfect balance between a yellow or brown colored light and white light. 

3100-4500K Lighting 

A light within this range will provide you with a cooler white light without any brown or yellow undertones. 

Because of this, you lose some of the warmth from the previous range. You give up the warmth for a brighter light that fully illuminates an outdoor space without putting the focus on one area. 

You might opt for lighting within this range if you have pets or small children who need to see their surroundings better to avoid getting hurt, or if you prefer a less relaxed environment. 

Another great way to use these lights is to highlight landscaping or edge out a pathway to a pool or shed. 

4600-6500K Lighting 

The lights within this range will closely resemble the natural daylight you get in Vista. 

It’s a crisp, vibrant light that works well for security purposes. Lighting in this range typically isn’t people’s go to for their patios. It can take away from the environment and make it feel sterile. 

Using it to illuminate your front porch, walkway and driveway might work better. Then, when people are heading to their cars, it will be easier to see everything along the way. 

Bright lights like this also help keep intruders away because the visibility is so high.   

Carefully Consider Where to Use Lights 

Understanding what color lighting to expect based on the bulbs you choose is one thing, but knowing where to put each light is another. 

Before choosing which outdoor lighting option you’ll opt for, layout where all your lights will go first. 


Depending on where your walkway is, you might opt for a cool white light or a crisp and vibrant white light. 

Carefully consider which walkways are heavily used at night, and which areas have shrubbery or other things people will need to see to avoid tripping. 


Neglecting to add lights to your pool, or the area around it can be dangerous. Plus, it might prevent people from using the pool at night. 

You undoubtedly want your pool to be used as much as possible. Choosing appropriate lighting for the pool itself, walkways leading up to it, and the area around it, can make a big difference. 

The pool is one area where you can have fun and choose colored lights to truly make the space pop. 

Art Lighting 

If you have art in your yard, you’re missing out if it’s only visible during the day. You can install special art lighting in your preferred color temperature to highlight the piece. 

Artwork is often cherished and having it visible at night can act as a conversation starter, more home decor, and a way to boost your curb appeal. 

Focus on Color Temperature to Enhance Your Outdoor Lighting in Vista 

More so than anything else, the color temperature of the lights you choose will make the most significant difference. Try creating a plan for where lights will go and then consider which color will work best for each area at your Vista home. 

If you choose wisely the lights you install can set the mood, boost curb appeal, and keep your family and any visitors safe! 

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