The Many Benefits of Outdoor Security Lighting

The Many Benefits of Outdoor Security Lighting

Think about how you enter your home. It’s likely that you have to navigate your front yard or another outside area to get to your front door. When it’s dark outside, this route is made all the more difficult and risky. 

What’s more, back yards are not typically flat or on only one level. Steps, uneven surfaces, and narrow pathways can add to the danger, as can trees and other plant life that could present an obstacle in poor light. 

Don’t wait for a full moon and clear night to be able to find the way around your outdoor space. We recommend security lighting and safety lights to illuminate your property. Security lights are a simple and attractive solution that can make your home look stunning as well as increase its security and safety. 

But Aren’t Outdoor Security Lights Ugly? 

Unfortunately, when we hear “security lights,” the first image we conjure up tends to be harsh floodlights that light up the whole neighborhood. These motion-sensor lights always seem to come on at the most inconvenient time and can be intrusive. 

We’re very happy to say that outdoor security lighting has come a long way since this type of light was introduced. While floodlights can serve a purpose in the right setting, modern outdoor security lights are far more tasteful and subtle. They enhance the look of your home and garden while doing just as effective a job of providing security and safety of your home. 

Different Types of Safety Lighting 

Different types of safety lights are available to illuminate just about every area of a property.  

Spotlights are popular since they are versatile. They concentrate a narrow beam of light on a specific area. Typically, you would install several spotlights along a pathway or set of steps and direct the beam to where you need it. Spotlights can be installed at ground level or be mounted on posts to achieve light at the right level. 

Wash lighting (a gentle diffused effect) and moonlight effect lighting do a very effective job of accentuating the features of your garden, such as trees, water features, and walls, while highlighting them as obstacles. 

Security lighting can also be installed around the residence in a way that’s sympathetic to the design of the home and without disturbing you when they light up. 

The Benefits of Safety and Security Lighting 

Installing an outdoor lighting system has many benefits that you can take advantage of and enjoy every day. 

Improved Safety 

With trip and fall hazards highlighted and walkways and stairs brightly lit, you can safely navigate your outdoor space without fear of injuring yourself. If you need to walk the dog or take a midnight stroll around your property, you won’t need to find a torch. Your route will be clear, and all obstacles highlighted. 

In bad weather conditions, slipping on the wet ground can become a real issue. However, if you can see where the water is, you may avoid accidents. 

Improved Security 

A well-lit home is a huge deterrent for would-be thieves. Criminals prefer a dark property so they can sneak in and hide. If your outside space is well-lit, intruders’ risk being seen. With effectively positioned security lighting, they will be far more likely to pass on your home. 

Additionally, thieves like to scope out homes before they break-in. This includes studying when your lights are off or on. Security lights have timers you can use to your advantage. Even if you’re not home, your lights can be on. This is a fantastic deterrent to anyone with their eye on your home. 

The Ability to Enjoy Your Property at Night 

Outdoor lighting gives your property more versatility, especially during the warmer months. What’s better than heading outside with a drink to enjoy your beautifully lit patio?  

If you enjoy socializing, you can safely have friends and family over in your night-time garden thanks to your safety lighting outdoors. Accent lights and washes can illuminate your patio, veranda, or other outdoor social space in a subtle and stunning way that accentuates the best features of your home and garden. 

Increase Your Curb Appeal 

Outdoor security lighting is a highly desired feature that buyers look for. If you already have a system installed, you’ll be increasing the overall value of your home. 

Aren’t Outdoor Safety Lights Expensive to Run? 

LED bulbs are efficient because they use a much lower voltage than a traditional bulb. As an example, a traditional 100-watt bulb will last you about 1,000 hours. Compare this to an LED bulb that is equivalent in brightness but only consumes 12 watts of power. Also note that this bulb can last up to 100,000 hours.  

With the power and efficiency of LED bulbs, the system for lighting your property can be inexpensive to install and economical to operate. 

How Do I Have Outdoor Lighting Installed? 

With Lighting Distinctions, it’s simple to have outdoor security lighting for your grounds. Get in touch and share your ideas and vision with our lighting professionals. 

Our experienced lighting team will come out to your home so we can fully understand the spaces that need illuminating. We’ll then use the information to draw up a custom plan that fits your requirements and budget. We’ll even set up a demo so you can see exactly how it will look and operate. 

During installation, we’ll ensure that every outdoor security light is perfectly placed and that you know where every cable, light, and transformer is installed. We’ll run through all instructions on the use of your lights. Our trained professionals will even brief you on care and maintenance that will ensure you are still benefiting from your lighting system long after we’re gone. 

If you live in the San Diego or the surrounding area and you care about your safety and security, get in touch with Lighting Distinctions today. Our team is waiting to learn more about your needs and help you achieve results fast. 

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